Franco-Armenian director Zhirayr Babazyan in homeland with cultural programs


The purpose of returning to Armenia from Paris was work. French-Armenian director, actor Zhirayr Babazyan came with one job, other works followed one after another. And he stayed longer than he thought. He has been in Armenia for 4 years. The "Opera Mosaic" concert was recently held, which was prepared with great enthusiasm.

“This is also a great opportunity to meet our new generation, they are very talented, highly educated and decided to perform 9 excerpts from international operas. “Three screenwriters have been invited, one of whom is me,” Babazyan said.

From theater to opera, from opera to theater, this transition always exists in the creative life of Zhirayr Babazyan. He says that differences and similarities only complement each other.

“From time to time I even tell both sides: I tell the actors to learn a little from the opera singers how to get their voices heard without shouting, or I tell the opera singers to learn from the actors, this is everything should merge with each other, ”says the Armenian of French origin.

Zhirayr Babazyan also continues to act in films. During this time, he starred in a film by Mikael Poghosyan, and in the near future he will star in another Armenian film. In his words, one mission has been added to his main work in Armenia - work with the new generation.

“This new generation pleases me with the fact that I can do at least something in my life, give something useful and not only think about being good only for me, but also feel that that you are passing on something to others, "he says.

Currently, the French-Armenian director is taking care of the financing of culture in Armenia. In his opinion, the theater especially needs a lot of support, for which more funds should be allocated. On the other hand, he says that the Armenian theater lacks French lightness, which he is now trying to convey to novice representatives of the sphere