Lebanese-Armenian Arminé Panosyan returned to her homeland and founded a training center


Thus, every day repatriate Arminé Panosyan receives dozens of students in her educational center. Teaches how to write, read, listen and communicate in English. Arminé has returned to her homeland from Lebanon, she has been living here for 5 years already:

"There was always that desire to repatriate, but there had to be conditions, because we have a family, we have children, in my case my biggest motivation was my child, that I did not want him to grow up in Lebanon like us, in the Diaspora, in a very unstable, insecure situation," she said.

At first, it was difficult. She started with only one desk and a lampshade in a small room, then invested her income and founded this center.

"I always wanted to have my own language center, not only for language teaching, but also for development and training. It was not possible to have it in Lebanon, it needed a huge amount of money. Here, however, it was possible to start with a smaller amount."

After working in various schools and publishing houses in Lebanon, Arminé wanted to bring 23 years of professional experience to Armenia. New teaching methods and skills, at first, contradicted the teaching methods prevalent in Armenia. According to the specialist, not everyone believed that her methods would work.

"Some people doubted, some thought I was lying, when I said we only speak English in class, they said: How will our children understand you, how will they communicate with you? It will not work, it will not happen, I listened too much not”!

After seeing the result, they believed, trusted, now they advise each other to study here. The number of students increased from 9 to more than 100. Now, in addition to English, they also teach Russian, Spanish and Armenian for foreigners. Most of the teachers are also repatriates. And the name of the center has its clear explanation:

"A+ is the best grade in the American system. When I thought of “A+ Skills”, I meant that the students and pupils who come here get the best language skills," said Arminé.

After 5 years of work, they already cooperate with various international organizations. This year the second branch of the center was opened. They want to establish a pre-school development center in the near future, where children will be able to develop their language skills.