The Armenian professor will create solar and laser sails


Is it possible to communicate with the universe through the sun? Armenian professor Artur Davoyan is trying to find the answer to this question with his colleagues. They are trying to create sun sails. The idea seemed complicated at first, but now they are moving forward with clear steps. The project is funded by NASA.

“Of course, we cannot see the sun rays clearly, but the sun’s energy cannot only heat, but also push some objects. It is a very time-consuming work, but we must create a large area where the solar energy will push those sails in a specific direction,” said the professor.

The other program is about laser sails, or as they call it: “Breakthrough Starshot”. It is planned to use a sail, due to which it will take only 20 years to reach the nearest star system, that is the alpha of Centaurus.

“My group is working on the design of that spacecraft. Now we are trying to solve some technical problems, what the spacecraft should look like in order to be able to withstand this high-power laser radiation and communication, and how it will send signals when it reaches space,” said Davoyan.

The professor says that they also have an Armenian department, the aim of which is to understand what projects are there in Armenia that they can support. Now they are implementing the “Clean Room” project together with the Alikhanyan National Institute. The goal is to be able to control the dust content in the air. Artur Davoyan also plans to visit Armenia. Until then, interested people can apply to him, he is ready to work and listen to new ideas.