Musician Hovig Adourian has already settled in the homeland for 6 months


First the war in Syria, then the explosion in Lebanon... These events brought Hovig Adourian home. He moved to Armenia with his family and founded his own recording studio.

“I always thought of moving to Armenia, as if that was the case last year, I decided to move on August 4, fortunately for me, but in reality unfortunately, that day was the big explosion in Lebanon. When moving to Armenia, my wish was to open my own recording studio. I looked for convenient places, found a suitable place, repaired it, and now everything is fine,” said Hovig Adourian.

Hovig Adourian hosts many Diasporan-Armenian singers in his studio, they collaborate, create new songs, and spread them not only within Armenia, but also on many world-known TV channels. The invitations for cooperation are various. 

“I have cooperated with NBC, MTV and New TV. I have constantly played with many Arab bands in Dubai for 4-5 years. I have been to Canada, Australia, England, France, the Netherlands, the Arab countries, including Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, and even played in Africa” added Hovig.

Hovig’s recorded and instrumental music are different, they come from a combination of two different cultures, they sound familiar to the ears of people who prefer both Armenian and Arabian music.

“There is a mixture, even the Arabs like the Armenian shade we gave, as if we brought a new shade here. I work with many Diasporan-Armenian singers here, I am ready to cooperate with local singers as well, let’s create good music,” Hovig said.

For Hovig, the homeland is the safest and most beloved place. Here, regardless of work difficulties, life is full of warmth and love. New works and collaborations are expected in the near future.