Kuwaiti businessman will establish huge almond garden in Armavir


Hakob Abovyan, a repatriate from Kuwait, shows the border of 1,100 ha. 

500,000 trees should be planted,” said Hakob Abovyan, director of Al Abdaliyah Group.

500,000 almonds will be planted at the expense of his friend, a Kuwaiti businessman. Hakob told him about Armenia and advised to start the $30 million business in Armavir.

Armenia should have the choicest almonds,” Hakob Abovyan added.

400 ha of 1,100 are already ready for processing. Previously, this area was deserted, filled with rocks. Experts from France, Iran and Spain were invited to Armenia when choosing the territory. 

They saw our territory, our climate, our lands. With their advice, we started processing out territory for saplings,” the director mentioned.

The dirt road leads to the basin, 1,100 ha will be irrigated from this point and a drip irrigation system will be used to have a good harvest.

There should be a 5th generation job here,” Hakob Arshakyan said. 

Having founded a business, they created jobs for residents of nearby villages. In parallel with the development of the territory, the number of employees will increase.

Now we have 150 jobs, year by year, the number will increase. When the trees are planted, there will probably be 500  employees,” Hakob Abovyan said.

55,000 almonds will already be planted this spring. The trees will be brought from Spain. There will also be tree planting in autumn. Almonds will already give the first harvest in 2024.