Canadian Armenian business consultant comes to help his homeland


Patrick Elliott is returning from Canada to Armenia with a clear determination to help businesses and develop the country. He was 11 when he first visited his homeland. Armenia was not like Canada, the not-so-good condition of the country remained in young Patrick’s memories for long.

"Then I started coming back to Armenia more often, and each time I was more in love. My brother also lives in Armenia," Patrick says.

Patrick is a business consultant. Weeks ago he was again in Armenia to get acquainted with the number of businesses. He thinks that there are wonderful business opportunities in Armenia so he will help to find customers from abroad and earn more money.

"We need to change our country to become a strong place. That is our job. The only question we have to ask ourselves now is how we can change Armenia, and what every Armenian can do for that," he said.

He is happy to see how Armenians from different countries return to their homeland, exchange ideas, and work to make the future of the country better. Despite that, he thinks there is still a problem of correctly presenting Armenia's opportunities in the Diaspora. This is what prevents many people from coming and settling in the homeland.

"Diaspora Armenians should come to help. I have a friend in Montreal. He is a smart guy; he is a blond Armenian like me. He had a restaurant which closed due to the pandemic, and he lost a lot of money. One day he told me he was bored in Montreal. I advised him to go to Armenia and try to put up a business there. “What is there to do?” he asked me. In other words, Armenia has problems with advertising. Many Armenians still think it is a poor country, but it is not so anymore!" Patrick says.

Patrick and his wife are now in Poland. They decided to get married in Haghpat. They will return to Armenia in May, without a return ticket this time.