Cypriot-armenian musician Hovik Demirchyan will visit Armenia in summer


The song "Gravity" helped Hovik Demirchyan to conquer the hearts of Armenian and Greek music lovers. His performance at the Eurovision Song Contest brought him great recognition at the homeland, and now Hovik can also be listened to in Armenian.

Thus, he stays connected to Armenia. Despite the fact that he was born and raised in Cyprus, and visited Armenia only twice, he considers himself an Armenian and talks about it everywhere.

Years ago, when I took part in the Greek version of the X-Factor project, I was told that my name can cause problems: it can be difficult for people to remember it. I said that we will not change my name under any circumstances. People could remember Madonna’s name, and they will remember the name Hovik as well” - the Cypriot-Armenian musician recalls.

Hovik and music met on New Year's Eve. That night they confessed their love to each other and from that day they decided to be together until the end of their lives.

My mom keeps telling me that I was 4 years old when we went to an event with a musical orchestra on New Year's Eve. I got out of my mother's hands and went up to the maestro and began leading the orchestra with him. My mother says that at that moment she realized that I would become a singer” - he said.

Hovik graduated from the Conservatory in Cyprus and began writing songs. He is now one of the most famous voices in Cyprus. He says that he is not anxious before stepping on stage. He sings in Greek and English.

During concerts, I also sing in Armenian whenever the opportunity arises. This usually happens when I can feel that the soul and mind of the audience are open to listen to a song in a new language” - Hovik said.

A week ago, they released a new song with singer Arpi, and in summer, the singer will visit Armenia. In June, Hovik will perform on the Yerevan stage.