"Coffee Capital" or "City of Wonders". The atmosphere of hospitality always reigns in Colombian Armenia


One of the most beautiful cities in South America and one of the largest tourist centers in Colombia is called Armenia. There are different versions of the origin of the name of the city. It got its name from an estate that belonged to Armenians in 1880, but received the status of a city only nine years later. The new settlement was named Villa Holguín, after the then President Carlos Holguín Mallarino. Years after the Khamidi massacre, and then after the Armenian Genocide in 1915, the city was renamed Armenia in memory of the killed Armenians.

In 1972, Armenian businessmen from California founded a charitable organization in the city. In their honor, one of the city streets was named "Movsisyan and Samuelyan". The city of Armenia became the epicenter of a strong earthquake in Colombia in 1999. After the catastrophe, the city was supported by various countries, but the support of the Armenians was especially great. In those years, Colombian President Ernesto Samper expressed his gratitude on this occasion. “We are grateful to the Armenians who helped us in those difficult times” - he said. The Armenian aid was not just financial. Large groups of Argentine Armenians were involved in the restoration of the city as well.

By tradition, Colombian cities have 2 names. The second name of Armenia is "City of Wonders''. The atmosphere of hospitality and friendship inherent in Armenians always reigns here. Many residents of other Colombian cities prefer to spend their holidays in Armenia.

The worldwide popularity of coffee was a turning point for the Colombian economy. The world's only coffee museum was established in Armenia. It is no coincidence that it is also called the "Coffee Capital" of Colombia, because the rapid development of the city is due to the development of the coffee industry. Tourists can not only watch the process of making aromatic coffee, but also take part in it. Every year on June 27 Colombians celebrate National Coffee Day with a festival that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.