Museum "Zoravar Andranik" in Varna, Bulgaria


If you ever travel to Bulgaria, choose Varna: it is a beautiful and interesting city for traveling where the house-museum of the Armenian general, statesman, national hero Andranik Ozanyan (Zoravar Andranik) is located. The great military leader lived for several years in his house in Bulgaria. This is Andranik Ozanyan’s only house that was preserved through the efforts of the Union of Armenians of Bulgaria. His houses both in the USA and in Western Armenia no longer exist. The house in Varna was built by the general in the 1900’s. In those years, when Andranik came to Bulgaria, as a person of high position and authority he was provided with a plot of land with permission to build a house by the local authorities. The territory was large, and the commander shared some part of it with others.

The house was bought in 2013 thanks to the efforts of the chairman of the Union of Armenians of Bulgaria, Harutyun Hovsepyan, who also maintained the house at his own expense because otherwise it would have been demolished and an ordinary residential building would have been built on the site.

The house has preserved the furniture which was later restored; the territory was cleaned.

Documents, letters, manuscripts, tools, newspapers, books, medals and the battle saber of the commander that were brought from Bulgaria are now kept in the “Zoravar Andranik” museum in Yerevan.