Lebanese newspaper "Azdak"


The Armenian trace in Lebanon confirms that Armenians have been present in the country since the 1st century BC. The modern Lebanese-Armenian community was formed mainly during the years of the Armenian Genocide and continued developing after that.

Especially after Lebanon gained independence, the Armenians were able to stand out not only in the sphere of economy, culture, but also in the sphere of politics. In different years, the Armenian community has always been represented in the country's parliaments by its deputies, and in the government by Armenian ministers. In Lebanon, the Armenian press especially has rich traditions and a long history. One can get acquainted with interesting topics related to events in the country and in Armenia in many magazines, quarterly collections, yearbooks, weekly newspapers. Among them, the newspapers “Azdak”, “Zartonk” and “Ararat” stand out. The “Vana Dzain” and “Radio Sevan” radio stations also operate around the clock in Lebanon.

Azdak is a national, literary, socio-political newspaper, which is being published since 1927. At first, it came out once every three days, since 1930 - once every two days, and since 1932 - every day. Hayk Palyan was the founder-owner-director. Currently, Shakhan Gantakharyan is the head and chief editor of the newspaper.

The newspaper covers Armenian, Lebanese and international political, economic, cultural, scientific and sports events. It consisted of the literary "Hardgogh", "Azdak Saturday", "Azdak Sport" sections. Over the years, the newspaper has undergone major changes both in content and design. Now it consists of 10 pages instead of the previous 4. Within a month, children's “Pztik-Mztik”, women's “Anahit”, sports “Navasard” and the magazine “Azdak” are also published. Every year the newspaper presents to its readers its exclusive, which describes in detail all the events of different spheres during the year. Since 2002, Azdak has its own website www.aztagdaily.com where the readers can find materials in English as well.