Military service in Armenia


Military service in Armenia is mandatory for male citizens aged 18 to 27. The service lasts two years, and conscripts are drafted twice a year pursuant to the Government's decision.

Citizens aged 27 to 50 are registered in the military reserve and may be called to serve if mobilization is declared.

Military service evasion is considered a crime and is generally punishable by up to three years of imprisonment.

A citizen may be exempt from compulsory military service if the citizen is deemed unfit for the military service due to health conditions or prior to naturalization in the RA the citizen has served not less than 12 months in the armed forces of another state or has served alternative military service not less than 18 months in another state or the citizen, whose parent or sibling lost their life during the defense of the Republic of Armenia or during the performance of their military duties in the armed forces, and he is the only male child of the family.

Exemptions from military service are generally available for those who have serious health issues or for humanitarian reasons. Postponement of military services may be provided for educational reasons.