Import of belongings to the Republic of Armenia


When moving to Armenia for permanent residency, the import of belongings brought with you for personal use can be carried out on preferential terms. You can bring your belongings without paying customs duties and fees if you have not lived in the territory of the Republic of Armenia for the last 5 years and you have RA citizenship or a special or permanent (long-term) residence permit in the Republic of Armenia, if you were absent from the Republic of Armenia for at least 915 days from 5 years period prior to the issuance of the above documents, if you have not previously used these privileges, which means you have not imported your belongings to the Republic of Armenia without paying customs duties and fees.

In order to receive customs privileges when importing your personal belongings, your belongings must be without factory packaging and labeling and must be for personal use.

To move your belongings without customs fees you will need an application to the customs body with the following documents attached: a detailed inventory which includes the name, weight, quantity of each item, including their values (list of products, invoices), a copy of your passport, a document certifying permanent residence in a foreign country, the original receipts for payment of property transportation, document certifying ownership of vehicle and confirming registration by an authorized body of a foreign state.

Please remember that all documents issued by foreign countries are submitted by a notarized translation.

In order to transport any kind of pet or animal to Armenia, you must have the permission of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia and a health certificate from a veterinarian, which proves that the animal is cleared of rabies or other diseases. You will need: vaccination certificate, veterinary health certificate, animal passport and photo.