Kazakhstan’s SCAT Airlines to service flights from Astana to Yerevan and back starting 31 May

The General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (adjunct to the Government of the Republic of Armenia) has given permission to Kazakhstan’s SCAT Airlines to service flights from Astana to Yerevan and back.

As reported the General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia, the airline company will start servicing regular flights twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays) on May 31.

SCAT Airlines also handles Aktau-Yerevan-Aktau flights three times a week (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays).

Exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s independence in Tehran

Photo exhibition entitled “The Newly Independent State of the Centuries-Old Armenia” opened on Thursday at Ararat Culture Center in Tehran, Iran. As the “Menq” Foundation for popularization of state and national values reported in a statement, the exhibition was opened on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia.

The 160 photos portray the major events that have taken place in the public, cultural, economic, political and scientific sectors of Armenia between the years 1990 and 2016.

Earlier in 2016 the exhibition was displayed in Yerevan, Los-Angeles, and Paris.

Excavation works being carried out at Meghretsots Church in Shushi

Excavation and cleaning works have been launched for the first time at the Meghretsots Armenian Church in Shushi.

In an interview with Artsakhpress, Deputy Director of the “State Service for Protection of Historical Environment” SNCO for Science, Candidate of Historical Sciences Nzhdeh Yeranyan said the goal was to open the contour of the church.

“The church has been mainly destroyed and concreted. Our main expectation is to examine the foundations of the church. The important thing is that the eastern wall and altar of the church are preserved,” Yeranyan noted.

Built in 1833 through funding from Mahtesi Hakhumyan, the St. Mary’s Church of Meghretsots in Shushi is located in the Meghretsots district (upper part of Shushi) and is recalled in records as the Holy Savior Meghretsots Church. The prayer hall was rectangular. The vaulted arches were hung on the four columns in the center of the hall and on the six pilasters of the longitudinal walls. The church had two doors from the southern and western sides and 10 windows.

Agreement on technical and economic cooperation between the Republic of Armenia and the People’s Republic of China was signed

On May 12, Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian and Ambassador Tian Erlong signed the Agreement on technical and economic cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

The signed document implies granting by China of nearly 14.5 million US dollar to Armenia for the purpose of obtaining 200 ambulances.

Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Tehran, His Grace, Archbishop Sepuh Sarkisian visits the RA Ministry of Diaspora

On May 12, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia in Tehran, His Grace, Archbishop Sepuh Sarkisian visited the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia where he had a meeting with intellectuals and the personnel of the Ministry.

Greeting the Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Tehran, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan noted that it was a great joy and honor to meet with one of the most prominent representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church. “Archbishop Sepuh Sarkisian was born in the Armenian-populated village of Tchukha in Syria and continued his education in Antelias, Lebanon. He has served as the pastor of the Armenian community of the Iraqi city of Basra, the Vicar of the Prelacy of the Armenian Diocese of Aleppo, has collaborated with other churches, has been appointed Catholicossal Vicar in Kuwait and in the Persian Gulf countries and has been elected leader of the Assembly of Delegates of the Armenian Diocese of Tehran. He has also edited the official “Nor Drazark” magazine of the Armenian Sunday schools of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church.”

The Minister attached importance to the contributions that His Holiness Sepuh has made to publishing in Iran and emphasized the fact that he had directly sponsored the publication of over 130 literary and theological books.

“Wherever you have been, you have transmitted the love and warmth of your soul to our compatriots, and they have loved you and accepted you as a relative. Thank you for your existence and for keeping the Armenian community of Iran strong. You are our greatest friend. We love and always wait for you in the Homeland,” the Minister of Diaspora noted.

Minister Hranush Hakobyan awarded His Holiness with the Gold Medal of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia as a token of high appreciation of his contributions to the development of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership, his services provided to the Homeland and the Diaspora, his contributions to the strengthening of relations between Armenia and the communities of the Diaspora and to the preservation of the Armenian identity, as well as for his charities and active community service.

His Grace, Archbishop Sepuh Sarkisian expressed gratitude for the appreciation and noted the following: “Dear Mrs. Hakobyan, this moment is pleasant and touching. I serve our Church and my people. Blessed are those who serve their nation. Wherever I have been, I have first proudly mentioned the fact that I am Armenian and the son of a nation that experienced and survived the Genocide. Thank God, today we have a free and independent Armenia and Artsakh. The Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora triumvirate is also a reality today. We Armenians need to believe that we will have a complete Homeland someday.”

Afterwards, the leader of the Armenian Diocese of Tehran answered questions from the attendees.


Armenian citizens may drive in the Russian Federation also with Armenian national driving license

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia can drive vehicles in the territory of the Russian Federation with driving licenses of the Republic of Armenia and international driving licenses (or with both) without any hassle, reported the Road Police of the Republic of Armenia.

It is noted that the national and international driving licenses of the Republic of Armenia meeting the requirements for driving licenses based on the Road Traffic Convention signed in Vienna on 8 November 1968 and the amendments and supplements made thereto after that, are valid in all member states (including the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, particularly the Russian Federation).

In case of implementation of entrepreneurial and/or work-related activities that are associated with driving a vehicle in the territory of any country (i.e. the job of a taxi driver or minibus driver or delivery man), the issue of applicability of a driving license is regulated by the legislation of the given country.

Yerevan-London flights to be launched

Armenia Airlines and Georgian Airways are launching the Yerevan-London-Yerevan regular flights with a stop in Tbilisi. The first flight is scheduled for May 20, reported Armeniasputnik.am.

“Today, Tbilisi has become an alternative to Moscow, Paris and Vienna. Armenian airline companies have done everything possible, starting from accessible tariffs to comfortable flights,” Deputy Director of Armenia Airlines Gevorg Khachatryan said.

According to him, whereas the fight from Yerevan to Moscow through London lasts 22 hours, the flight via Tbilisi is three times shorter. This is due to the fact that the stop in Tbilisi is short, and in separate cases, passengers don’t step out of the plane.

The plane will fly from Yerevan to Tbilisi, after which it will head towards Gatwick Airport in London after a 30-minute stop.

Artsakh sees growth of number of foreign tourists

In the first quarter of this year, Artsakh recorded a 10 percent growth of the number of incoming tourists, compared to the same period last year.

As reported the Department of Tourism at the Ministry of Economy of the Artsakh Republic, in the first quarter, Artsakh mainly received citizens of the Russian Federation, the United States of America, Iran and several countries across Europe. Among the places that the tourists have visited the most in the first quarter are the reserve in Tigranakert, Gandzasar Monastery, the Hunot Gorge natural and historical reserve and the ethnographic complex in Tsaghkashat (including the House-Museum of Nikol Duman). More and more tourists are also interested in the melik mansion reserve in Togh village. The main purpose of the tourists’ visits is to organize their cognitive visits to Artsakh.

According to Deputy Minister of Economy of the Artsakh Republic S. Shahverdyan, recording such data ahead of the season for tourism is promising, especially taking into consideration the fact that this refers to not only foreign citizens who have received entry visas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Artsakh Republic.

US national intelligence warns tension likely to remain in Karabakh

The United States Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats published on May 11 the U.S. Intelligence Community’s (IC) 2017 “Statement for the Record” entitled “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community,” which includes a part on the increased tensions between Artsakh and Azerbaijan that took place in April 2016, Asbarez repored.

The statement, which is divided into global and regional threats, includes subcategories like cyber threats, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and counterintelligence. Relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan are addressed in the “Russia and Eurasia,” section of the regional threats division, in a subsection entitled “The Caucasus and Central Asia.”

The statement provides particular attention to the escalation of tensions between Artsakh and Azerbaijan and concludes that the situation is likely to remain in 2017. It also makes a reference to Azerbaijan’s economic difculties and the possibility of Azerbaijan’s regime being challenged as a result.

“In Azerbaijan, ongoing economic difculties are likely to challenge the regime and increase its tendency to repress dissent to maintain power while it continues to try to balance relations with Russia, Iran, and the West”, the statement said.

University of Venice Professor receives Medal of Gratitude of RA Ministry of Diaspora

On May 5, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of Italy hosted a solemn ceremony during which Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Italy, H. E. Victoria Baghdasaryan granted the Medal of Gratitude of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia to Professor of the University of Venice Sona Harutyunyan.

Sona Harutyunyan is author of over 40 articles devoted to the Armenian Genocide, Armenian experts of the works of Dante, linguistics and translation. She is also the author of the monograph “The Topic of the Armenian Genocide in Italian Literature” and has translated the book “The Venice of the Armenians” by A. Hermet and P. Ratti, as well as A. Arslan’s Armenian Genocide novels “The Lark Farm”, “The Road to Zmurnia” and “The Book of Mush”.

Sona Harutyunyan has given academic speeches at several universities and academic institutions in Armenia, France, Italy, Malta, Holland, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Taiwan and the United States of America and has been a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Fresno and New York.

Thanks to Sona Harutyunyan’s unwavering efforts, relations between Armenia and Venice have entered a new stage over the past years, particularly in the field of education. It should be noted that Harutyunyan has not always been able to carry out her activities in favorable conditions, especially taking into consideration the fact that over the past years, the Azerbaijanis have penetrated into the University of Ca’ Foscar in an attempt to not only lay the foundation for the teaching of Azerbaijani, but also to disturb the conduct of Armenian national events.

In one of the previous editions of Aravot Daily, we had touched upon how the Azerbaijanis had organized an event entitled “Azerbaijani and Italian Views on Multi-Culturalism” in another hall of the same chamber of the University. However, the Azerbaijanis had failed to distract the public’s attention to the presentation of the Armenian scholar’s book devoted to the Armenian Genocide.

In 2016, Sona Harutyunyan was the Eastern languages coordinator during the annual “European Day of Languages” event held by the Council of Europe in Venice, and for the first time, among other languages, Armenian was also recited by the students of the Armenian Studies Program at the University of Venice at the Goldoni Theater in Venice. Thanks to the persistent efforts of Sona Harutyunyan and the active cooperation between the University of Venice and Yerevan State University, the greatest achievement in the relations between Armenia and Venice in the field of education was the EU-funded Erasmus+ Program through which specialists of Yerevan State University will give lectures and conduct research at the University of Venice, while specialists of Ca’Foscar will visit Yerevan State University. There will also be a student exchange. Most of the funds will go to Armenia.

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan for giving me such an honor. I would also like to thank you, Mrs. Ambassador for this solemn ceremony. I am very moved, and I must admit that this was a big surprise since I have never thought I deserve an award for what I do. I am certain that, by combining our efforts and working persistently, all us Armenians will make our voices heard to the world, give a counterattack to Turkey’s policy of denial and properly present the achievements of Armenia and Artsakh,” Mrs. Harutyunyan noted as she expressed her gratitude. At the end of the solemn ceremony of handing of the medal, Sona Harutyunyan’s son, 13-year-old Narek performed the Armenian songs “Dle Yaman” and “Es Gisher, Lusnyak Gisher” on the duduk.

Source: aravot.am

Armenia’s representative to be fifth performer during finals of Eurovision Song Contest 2017

The concert for the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is over, and the sequence of performances at the finals was determined based on the results of a drawing.
Based on the results, Armenia’s representative Artsvik will be the fifth performer.

Shant TV’s cameraman Davit Atoyan injured yesterday, to be transferred to Yerevan in reanimobile

Cameraman for Shant TV Davit Atoyan, who received a gunshot wound due to Azerbaijan’s ceasefire violation and underwent surgery yesterday, will soon be transferred to Yerevan in a reanimobile, reported film director Arshak Zakaryan to Tert.am.

Let us remind that Azerbaijani armed forces had opened fire at the crew for the TV show “Dirkerum” (At the Military Positions) yesterday.

According to Arshak Zakaryan, it was decided to transfer Davit Atoyan to Yerevan not because there are complications in regard to his health condition, but because he will be undergoing further treatment in Yerevan so that his family and relatives can visit him.

Let us mention that, in spite of the fire that was opened, the cameraman had continued his job. Davit Atoyan has fractures and a gunshot wound.

Azerbaijan used mortars, grenade launchers at night

The adversary violated the ceasefire along the line of contact between the Karabakh and Azerbaijani opposing forces around 90 times, from late Thursday night to early Friday morning.

During this time the Azerbaijani armed forces fired more than 1,750 shots toward the position-holders of the Republic of Artsakh Defense Army, and with different-caliber shooting weapons, the defense army informed.

In addition, the adversary fired 22 shells from mortars and 12 shells from grenade launchers, in southerly and northerly directions of the line of contact.

But the Artsakh defense army vanguard units took actions in response, and they continued to reliably maintain their military positions.