Artsakh to host various events on occasion of three celebrations in May

On May 9, on the occasion of the three celebrations in May, several events are scheduled to take place in Artsakh.

Spokesman of the President of the Artsakh Republic Davit Tonoyan informed that there wouldn’t be a big military parade this year.

“We will be holding our traditional events on May 9. There will be a visit to the memorial complex in Stepanakert where citizens will lay flowers near the monument to the Armenians who were killed in the Great Patriotic War. There will also be events in Shushi and a visit to the statue of Commander-in-Chief (Sparapet) Vazgen Sargsyan and the tank,” Babayan said, reported Artsakhpress.

On the occasion of the three celebrations, there will be a concert, as well as fairs, presentations and other interesting events in Stepanakert. “This time there will be no military parade. The rest will be as it always is,” Babayan concluded.

May 9th is a day of three celebrations for the Armenian nation since it marks the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the liberation of Shushi and the formation of the Defense Army of Artsakh.

Nairi Pan-Armenian Music Festival launched with solemn ceremony

May 6th marked the solemn groundbreaking ceremony for Nairi Music Park was held as part of the Nairi Pan-Armenian Music Festival at Nairi Spa Resorts in Hankavan. The festival has been launched at the initiative of the Ministries of Diaspora and Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

The general sponsor of the festival is Russia-based Armenian businessman Grigor Ghukasyan.

Among the participants of the ceremony were RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan; RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan; President of the Union of Composers of Armenia Aram Satyan; director of Nairi Pan-Armenian Music Festival Samvel Haroyan and members of the festival’s artistic council, including Alina Pahlevanyan, Yervand Yerznkyan, Norayr Davtyan, Tovmas Poghosyan, Martin Vardazaryan, Davit Ghazaryan, as well as Ruben Matevosyan, Angela Atabekyan, Medea Abrahamyan and others.

In her welcoming speech, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan congratulated the attendees on the launch of the pan-Armenian cultural festival and attached importance to the start of the second pan-Armenian cultural festival as a strong impulse for preservation of the Armenian identity.

Greeting the attendees, RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan stated that pan-Armenian cultural events are a tremendous contribution to the development of Armenian culture and convey the breath and spirit of the nation.

The festival was launched with the groundbreaking ceremony for Nairi Music Park and the planting of nominal oak trees, which were planted by RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan; RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan; President of the Union of Composers of Armenia Aram Satyan; the director of Nairi Pan-Armenian Music Festival and members of the festival’s artistic council, including famous songwriters, musicians, artists and intellectuals. A pitcher with the date of foundation of the park was closed during a ceremony. In the future, statues with bronze reliefs portraying Armenian songs, music and national instruments will be placed, and a museum presenting the history of Armenian music will be built in the park.

YEREVAN SHOW 2017 to be held

From May 12 to 14, Meridian Expo Center (Address: 1 Voskerichneri Street, Yerevan) will host the 7th YEREVAN SHOW 2017 international exhibition of jewelry and watches.

YEREVAN SHOW 2017 will feature Yerevan Fashion Week “Golden Lace” event.

The main idea of the event is the creation of a new and complete image, starting from clothes and makeup and ending with the right selection of jewelry.

Collections of fashion designers and the jewels of various companies are presented with equal rights.

There will be:

-a concert featuring performances by pop stars

-more than 30 accredited journalists of fashion magazines and television channels

List of participants:

-Slava Zaitsev Fashion House (Russian Federation),

-Havari Couture Paris (France)

-Kevork Nour Shadoyan (Armenia)

-Narine Harutyunyan (Russian Federation)

-Liana Sarkisyan (Armenia)

-Svetlana Evstigneeva (Russian Federation)

-Anahit Movsisyan (Armenia)

-Svetlana Hakobyan (Armenia)

-Varant Lamalin (Lebanon)

RA Embassy in Lebanon hosts painting exhibition

On May 4, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Lebanon hosted the opening of painter Krikor Garabed’s personal exhibition, which is sponsored by the embassies of Italy and Armenia in Lebanon and is being held in partnership with the Lebanon-Armenia Friendship Association.

As reported the press service of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Hayern Aysor, among the attendees were representatives of Lebanon’s political parties, the judiciary and the diplomatic missions of foreign countries, as well as the leaders and representatives of religious, cultural and educational institutions of the Armenian community, artists and others.

In their speeches, RA Ambassador to Lebanon Samvel Mkrtchyan, Ambassador of Italy Massimo Maroti and Secretary of the Lebanon-Armenia Friendship Association Boghos Kurdian stated that the event was special and important in terms of culture.

Ambassador Mkrtchyan emphasized that painter Krikor Garabed serves as a unique bridge between three different nations and cultures and fosters cross-cultural dialogue with his paintings.

Painter Krikor Garabed also gave a speech in which he stated that the main goal of his exhibition was to consolidate the Armenian, Lebanese and Italian identities and the cultures of the three nations.

Reference: Painter, designer Krikor Garabed was born in 1968 in Anjar. He studied at the Toros Roslin Academy of Arts in Beirut. In 1933, he moved to Venice and continued his studies at the local art academy. He has participated in several exhibitions in Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Italy, Austria and the United States of America. A couple of years ago, he returned to Anjar and has been living and creating there ever since.

Russia-based Armenian benefactor’s support to needy and multi-member families in Artsakh

On May 6, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan participated in a charity event organized for nearly 80 multi-member families in the city of Martuni.

As reported the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Staff of the Government of the Artsakh Republic to Hayern Aysor, at the initiative of Russia-based benefactor Hamlet Vachenants, who is originally from Artsakh, nearly 80 needy and multi-member families of Martuni region were provided with clothes, furniture, domestic appliances and other necessary commodities as assistance.

The head of government highly appreciated the benefactor’s attention to the social issues of needy and multi-member families and attached importance to the program, especially in terms o the concrete and individual approach to the solution to the current social issues.

In his turn, Vachenants noted that 108 families had already benefited from the program that was launched on November 19, 2016. Vachenants added that the program would be ongoing and that he would try to solve the issues of all needy and multi-member families living in different regions of Arstakh. The program for support to another 130 families will draw to an end on November 19, 2017.

Primate of Armenian Diocese of France visits Belgium

On April 29, the Patriarchal Delegate of Western Europe, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of France, His Grace, Fr. Vahan Hovhannisyan and a group of French-Armenians visited the Belgian city of Liege where, on the same day at 16:00, His Holiness served a Holy Mass at the local Holy Cross Sisters Chapel and conveyed his message to the pilgrims and the attending believers.

As reported Lusine Nersisyan to Hayern Aysor, after the Holy Mass, a banquet was held through the combined efforts of the Nerses Shnorhali Parochial Council and the Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Union.

The next day, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of France Vahan Hovhannisyan and the group of French-Armenians participated in the Holy Mass served at the Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux and returned to France after saying a prayer near the Armenian cross-stone placed in the Grove of Nations in Banneux.

Concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army

As reported Hayern Aysor, on April 29, The Shnorhali Choir of the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs, Bayside, New York, presented its Spring Concert, “To Armenia With Love,” dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Armenia’s Armed Forces. Under the direction of Maestro Vagharshak Ohanyan accompanying at the organ, the Choir opened the program with “The Lord’s Prayer” (Hayr Mer), after which His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church, presided. Guest soloists Anahit Zakaryan, Alvard Mayilian, Karine Malkhasyan, and the Aregak Hamazkayin Children’s Chorus joined together with the renowned choir.

Several numbers about Yerevan and Hayastan sung by Anahit, Alvard, Vagharshak and the children’s chorus, as well as well-known and new numbers from their extensive repertoire, brought continuous rounds of applause from the audience. Karine Malkhasyan provided a delightful innovation as she distributed red carnations among the ladies in the audience. One of the best-loved numbers was Hor Hor Agha’s march from Chookhajian’s opera.

One of the best-loved numbers was Hor Hor Agha’s march from Chookhajian’s opera. The Choir’s rendition of Giligia, dedicated to those who perished in the Armenian Genocide, was a nostalgic moment for many. At the invitation of Maestro Ohanyan, the program concluded with the entire audience singing the favorite of all, Yerevan Erebouni. Following the concert, a gathering was held in the church’s reception hall for participants and the public where sincere congratulations were extended to the Shnorhali Choir of New York and its director, executive committee and all who had a role in presenting this fine program for the enjoyment of all.

President Serzh Sargsyan Visited The Eu Delegation In Armenia

Today, on the occasion of Europe Day, President Serzh Sargsyan visited the delegation of the European Union in Armenia. The President of Armenia congratulated the Head of the EU mission, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, the entire staff and in their person the large EU family on the occasion of Europe Day, and wished them all the best.

“Quite recently, the leaders of the European states celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties. Implementation of the provisions of these Treaties allowed the European states and first of all the people of Europe, to achieve success in the honorable task of protecting human rights, dignity, democracy, dissemination and implementation of shared ideas.

A further strengthening of the EU emanates also from the interests of small countries, such as Armenia. We are confident that challenges, which the EU has been encountering recently, will most certainly be defeated by the European countries.

I am very glad that lately we have registered remarkable success in the development of our relations with the European Union, and I wish that success to be continuous.

We are grateful to the European Union, to the delegation and personally you, Ambassador Świtalski, for this cooperation and assistance provided to Armenia,” President Serzh Sargsyan said.

On behalf of the EU delegation in Armenia and his own behalf, Ambassador Świtalski thanked President Sargsyan for the visit and warm words of congratulations.

“Your visit is very important and has a symbolic meaning for the entire EU delegation; it encourages us to work more thoroughly to develop our cooperation.

This year has been full of events: we already have the initialed agreements, agreed priorities for cooperation, and have also reached agreement on the single support framework.

Mr. President, your visit to Brussels was a success, and it has given additional arguments to the European Union to be engaged in Armenia more and with greater dedication. We have received very important signals from the leadership of Armenia and from the European Union which is very important for us; it will enable us to do our job with greater enthusiasm.

Mr. President, we are grateful for your constant assistance to the activities of the EU delegation in Armenia,” the Head of the EU mission, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski said.

The parties underscored that Armenia and the European Union are open and ready to continue to develop cooperation and expressed confidence that through the implementation of the provisions of the new Agreement, it would become possible to expand the mutually beneficial Armenia-EU cooperation in all possible areas, elevating it to a qualitatively new level.

Levon Aramyan: “We need to keep up with the times”

Out of all the pavilions at the exhibition-sale of products made by Diaspora Armenian investors in Armenia’s industry sector (the exhibition-sale was organized at the initiative of the RA Ministry of Diaspora), the pavilion that stood out from the rest was the one that looked like a spherical tent and reminded one of the Planet Earth, and the noise of children around it was attracting everyone’s attention. My interview for Hayern Aysor was with the author of that unique “planet” Levon Aramyan.

Karine Avagyan: Levon, what is the meaning of the strange classes that are put on children’s heads and your “planet” around which many people and mainly children have gathered?

Levon Aramyan: I am an astrophysicist by profession, but since I have different ideas, I have expanded the limits of my activity and created an interesting field of education that, as you can see, has sparked great interest among the children. This system has made education very visible and interesting for them. For instance, these glasses are virtual glasses. When children put these glasses on, they find themselves in the environment that corresponds to the subject that they are studying. Now the subject is astrology, and they are currently in space. One can understand what the children feel based on the noise, activity and behavior of the children.

Karine Avagyan: Is this your only version? What happens inside the spherical tent?

Levon Aramyan: We have two versions. The first is the glasses version, and the other is the movie theater version which is in the spherical tent where an entire classroom can enter and conduct a lesson or carry out the given educational program.

Karine Avagyan: Did you carry out this program alone? How long did it take you to turn your idea into a reality?

Levon Aramyan: I obviously didn’t do this alone. There are various specialists engaged in the project, including teachers, psychologists, designers, engineers, animators and programmers. It is impossible to do this alone. It took us a year to turn the idea into a reality and show the first film. We receive funding from TSD, which is known for its production of the first Armenian tabs and smartphones.

Karine Avagyan: How many exhibitions have you participated in? Which countries? Who knows you?

Levon Aramyan: We have participated in several expos and are recognized in not only Armenia, but also the United States. Last year, the U.S. Department of State considered our project one of the top 15 projects out of 1,100 applications from 135 countries around the world. We will be showing more and more products.

Karine Avagyan: Are children the only ones who are interested?

Levon Aramyan: No, people of all ages are interested. We make films for people of all ages. We prepare cartoons for children. I must say that even astrologists and astrophysicists are interested. We are living in the era of new technologies, and we must keep up with the times.

Interview by Karine Avagyan

Syrian-Armenian repatriate says Ministry of Diaspora always keeps Syrian-Armenians in center of attention

In 2012, Stepan Mahshigian and his family left Kessab for Armenia. In an interview with Hayern Aysor, Stepan noted that they felt good in Armenia, had become fully integrated in Armenia and were even building a home so that they could settle in their homeland. They are very impressed with the cordiality and sincerity of the people who helped them solve their various issues when they had moved to Armenia back in 2012.

Stepan works at the Autism Center, while his wife, Carmen makes scarves and other handicraft items at home. After purchasing cloths from stores in Yerevan, she starts making the scarves with different patterns and exports them to Georgia as well.

“The Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia is consistent with the provision of support to Syrian-Armenians having settled in Armenia and always keeps us Syrian-Armenians in the center of its attention. This exhibition and other similar events help us attract customers and become recognized, and we are very grateful for that,” Hayern Aysor’s interlocutor said.

Let us add that Stepan Mahshigian and his wife were participating in the May 5 exhibition-sale of products of Diaspora Armenian investors in Armenia’s industry sector at Yerevan Expo Center. The exhibition-sale was organized at the initiative of the RA Ministry of Diaspora and with the support of Yerevan Municipality and the Development Foundation of Armenia.

Gevorg Chichyan

Diaspora Armenian investors Maral Iskenian and Maggie Baghdasarian: “With our chocolates, we make sure people are in a great mood”

At the initiative of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia and with the support of Yerevan Municipality and the Development Foundation of Armenia, Yerevan Expo Center hosted the opening of the exhibition-sale of products of Diaspora Armenian investors in Armenia’s industry sector. Among the attendees of the opening ceremony were the Minister of Diaspora, employees of the Ministry, as well as journalists and citizens. There have been many exhibitions that have been covered by various media outlets. Those exhibitions serve as evidence of the diligence and creativity of our gifted compatriots, and there have always been and always will be people who will admire them. During my interviews with some of the participants of the exhibition-sale for Hayern Aysor, I felt that they were mainly optimistic and satisfied. My interlocutors, young Syrian-Armenian educators and pharmacists Maral Iskenian and Maggie (Margarit) Baghdasarian, were also optimistic and satisfied.

Maral Iskenian: “This is the fifth time we are participating in this exhibition. I am content with the results. Our customers are interested in and captivated by the look and taste of our small chocolates. The design is as important as the taste and ingredients. Maggie and I work together. Overall, we receive the ingredients from abroad because we can’t find most of the substances here, but we manage to obtain some accessories for design. We try to make sure the look and taste are in harmony. Many people are attracted by the look. We also sell our products in stores and several countries. We will soon open our own store.”

Maggie Baghdasarian: “We have been in a wonderful atmosphere and in a great mood since this morning, and we are content with sales. Of course, we are not food technologists, but we consult and collaborate with relevant specialists. We design the products together. Nobody has ever complained about the taste. Our customers also like the look of the chocolates, but we continue to seek new designs. We always have to look forward. Time passes so quickly and the world is moving forward at such a rapid pace that we need to keep up with the pace. There is always something to learn, and there is always room for improvement. This will help make our products better and increase the number of our customers. Pastry, especially chocolate helps people be in a great mood, and we are also making sure people are in a great mood.”

Let’s wish these gifted Armenian women success and have faith that their tasty and designed chocolates truly lift spirits and that this unique trademark is seen in all famous global markets someday.

Karine Avagyan

Concert devoted to Armenians’ victories in May to be held in Brussels

As reported Hayern Aysor, on May 27 at 19:00, the Poqr Hayq Armenian Dance Group and the Sevan Armenian School of the Armenian Home in Brussels will perform dances and a play devoted to the victories that the Armenian nation scored in May.

Karabakh: Weapons’ exhibition will be held on May 9 in Stepanakert

An exhibition of weapons will take place on May 9 in Stepanakert.

The Defense Minister and Defense Army Commander of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic/NKR), Levon Mnatsakanyan, noted about the above-said at a press conference on Friday, reported ARTSAKHpress news agency.

“Relevant works are being carried out in military units,” he noted. “Meetings, lessons of courage, memorial evenings, expeditions, military servicemen’s visits to churches will be organized. Meetings of our officers in educational institutions are planned tomorrow, on  May 6. Competitions on the best compositions have been announced, the results will be summed up tomorrow, and those who have taken places will be encouraged.

“On May 8, according to the decree of the president of the Artsakh Republic, the military personnel who has shown exclusive courage during the April [2016] actions and during military service, in general, and a group of participants of the Karabakh war will be awarded.

“On May 9, people will visit Stepanakert Memorial Complex to honor the memory of those fallen in the Great Patriotic War [in World War II] and the Artsakh Liberation War, and lay flowers and wreaths.

“On the same day the solemn procession of the military personnel along the streets of [capital city] Stepanakert and a weapons’ exhibition at Revival Square of Stepanakert will take place.”

Syrian-Armenian friends to open shoe store in Yerevan

Hayern Aysor covers Syrian-Armenian Bedros Kevorkian, who was participating in the exhibition-sale of products of Diaspora Armenian investors in Armenia’s industry sector at Yerevan Expo Center on May 5. The exhibition-sale was organized at the initiative of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia and with the support of Yerevan Municipality and the Development Foundation of Armenia.

Bedros and his friend, Vartan Kevorkian established K.K Shoes a year-and-a-half ago and are now offering men’s and women’s shoes made from natural leather. They would also make and sell shoes in Syria. According to Bedros, they would make high-quality shoes in Syria and are doing the same in Armenia. Our interlocutor noted that there was big competition in Armenia and that they were trying to be the first in terms of quality.

“We are content and certain that everything will be fine. We plan on opening a specialized store in Yerevan. We are becoming more and more recognized, and our participation in the exhibition-sales organized by the Ministry of Diaspora have helped us a lot,” Bedros Kevorkian concluded.

Gevorg Chichyan