“Clean and Green Armenia”-staff of RA Ministry of Diaspora participates in Saturday cleaning day event

On 15 April, in response to the call of Yerevan Municipality and through the “Clean and Green Armenia” Movement launched by a group of repatriates, employees of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the editorial office of Hayern Aysor electronic newspaper of the Ministry and the “Homeland-Diaspora Center” SNCO, as well as Diaspora Armenian students and repatriate families participated in a city-wide Saturday cleaning day event under the leadership of Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan.

The participants of the event cleaned and improved the area near Komitas Pantheon.

Iraqi-Armenian student says patriotism starts from keeping the country clean

“I have participated in many tree planting events and Saturday cleaning day events when I was in school and have nice memories, but this was the first time I participated in the Saturday cleaning day event along with Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan and the employees of the Ministry of Diaspora,” Iraqi-Armenian student Karin Oskanian said in an interview with Hayern Aysor during the Saturday cleaning day event organized on 15 April at Komitas Pantheon, adding that such events help Armenians make the country flourish and become nicer and greener.

“I always say that patriotism starts from keeping the country clean, and each of us is responsible for this. As a young Diaspora Armenian, I considered it the duty of my soul to participate in the Saturday cleaning day event. Calls for and songs about patriotism are not enough. Patriotism is also shown through such acts,” Karin Oskanian noted.

Let us add that the city-wide Saturday cleaning day event was a response to the call of Yerevan Municipality and was held as part of the “Clean and Green Armenia” movement.

Open lesson held at Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Cultural Center in Tyumen

It has been nearly 15 years since the Haiastan Armenian non-governmental/cultural/enlightening organization of the Tyumen Oblast of the Russian Federation established an Armenian one-day school.

For the past year, the school has been based in the newly built building of the Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Cultural Center thanks to the efforts of President of Haiastan NGO Hamlet Pashayan and benefactors Samvel and Sergo Stepanyan. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

With this beautiful gift, the president of the organization and the benefactors provided the school with the opportunity to organize the education of Armenian children and young people and preserve the national identity at a higher level. It also helped increase the number of students (there are currently about 150 students). In addition to lessons on Armenian language, literature, history and native studies, the Armenian cultural center also has clubs for those interested in theater, fine arts, Armenian folk songs and dances and Armenian national instruments (duduk, dhol).

One of the best traditions of the cultural center is the organizing and conduct of open lessons and events during which the teachers don’t spare any effort to make the events interesting and meaningful.

On 19 March, director of the Armenian folk dance group Alyona Zikova conducted another open lesson attended by the cultural center’s teachers, parents and guests. The children had worked hard and rehearsed with a high sense of responsibility. The results of the director’s hard work were clear to see and satisfying. The guests left with great impressions, expectations and the hope to return.

It is also appropriate to  mention the other disciplinary and instructive lessons and events devoted to preservation of the national identity, including the events entitled “Yerevan is the capital of Armenia”, “155th birth anniversary of Krikor Zohrab”, “Christmas” (teacher A. Poghosyan), “Poems of Avetik Isahakyan” (teacher R. Danielyan, senior Russian-language group), “Birth of the Armenian Army” (teacher M. Hambaryan), “Duduk: National Wonder” (teacher N. Musoyan), “National Instruments” (teachers N. Musoyan and R. Sarukhanyan), Back to Our Rots” (teacher S. Simonyan) and the performance of the play “Kaj Nazar” (Brave Nazar) by the members of the theater club (director B. Tadevosyan).

Such lessons and events arm Armenian children with a vast amount of knowledge about the past, present, customs and traditions of the homeland and remarkable Armenians.

Ruzanna Danielyan

School in Kapan carrying out Our Greats Program

With the aim to instill patriotism and preserve the Armenian identity, Hrant Voskanyan Primary School #12 of Kapan is carrying out the Our Greats Program of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. The program is part of the state policy on the development of partnership between Armenia and the Diaspora.

As reported the school to Hayern Aysor, during the lessons of the homeroom teacher, the latter presents the lives and careers of great Armenians and assigns the students to write essays and make posters that are placed in a corner called “Our Greats”.

Irish-Armenians to commemorate canonized martyrs of the Armenian Genocide

Dear friends,

April 24th, the day of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, is deeply imprinted in the history and memory of the Armenian nation. Since not all Armenians can join their compatriots in Armenia as they climb to the top of Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex, members of the Armenian community of Ireland have the opportunity to participate in the Armenian Genocide commemoration ceremony to be held at Christ Church in Dublin on 24 April (19:00).

We encourage all of you to participate in this major and special event in Ireland along with your families and friends.

Event dedicated to memory of heroes of Four-Day Artsakh War held in Marseille

According to Hayern Aysor, on 2 April, the Sahag-Mesrop Armenian Cultural Center in Marseille hosted an event dedicated to the memory of the heroes who were killed during the Four-Day Artsakh War in April 2016. The event was organized by the Armenian Cultural and Youth Union of Artsakh.

Iraqi-Armenian family participated in Saturday cleaning day event in Yerevan for first time

On 15 April, in response to the call of Yerevan Municipality, employees of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, under the leadership of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, participated in a city-wide Saturday cleaning day event and cleaned the area near Komitas Pantheon. The event was part of the “Clean and Green Armenia” movement launched by a group of repatriates.

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent talked to Iraqi-Armenian repatriate and participant of the event Haig Manoogian, who was participating in the Saturday cleaning event for the first time along with his three children.

Haig Manoogian and his family have been living in Armenia for the past decade. He is an engineer by profession. As Manoogian stated in an interview with Hayern Aysor, they were returning home in a great mood and with a good feeling and were thankful to Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan for keeping Diaspora Armenians in her focus and showing concern about their problems. Manoogian added that all Diaspora Armenians shared his opinion.

“We were surprised to see how the Minister cleaned the area with us. I am impressed with her straightforwardness. In other countries, officials walk around crowded areas with bodyguards, but she seemed to be one of us and even talked to my children. I am certain that they will remember those moments for a long time,” Haig Manoogian stated.

Marine Manoogian, 13, says having a clean city will not only promote tourism in Armenia, but will also help Armenians become more connected to their land, and every Armenian needs to be heartfelt and participate in Saturday cleaning day events more often.

During the conversation, Marine also remembered the unforgettable days she had spent as a participant of the “Ari Tun” Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora for homeland recognition and added that she would proudly show her Diaspora Armenian peers the yards and streets that had been cleaned.

“Let all Armenians of the world return to the Homeland so that we can combine our efforts and clean more areas during the Saturday cleaning day events,” Marine said.

Maral Manoogian was also happy that she was participating in the cleaning day event and noted that more and more cleaning day events had been organized throughout the past couple of years. Knowing that they were going to be cleaning the area near Komitas Pantheon, she felt more responsible because she knew that great Armenians were buried there. Maral said she considered her participation in the cleaning day event a tribute to them.

The youngest of the family, Masis Manoogian loves Armenia and calls on people to not pollute the yards and streets in the city. He is proud that he was able to clean even a small plot of land of his Homeland-the plot of land under which the renowned sons of the Armenian nation are buried.

Gevorg Chichyan

AGBU Lebanon Showcases the Impact of Armenians on Architecture in Lebanon

On April 6, AGBU Lebanon—in collaboration with the Embassy of Armenia in Lebanon and under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Ghattas Khoury—organized a lecture in French entitled “L’architecture arménienne au Liban : une question d’identité” (Armenian Architecture in Lebanon: a Question of Identity).

Anita Lebiar, the executive director of AGBU Lebanon, began by highlighting the importance of the collaboration with the Embassy of Armenia in Lebanon and the Ministry of Culture as well as the important role it plays in bridging cultures. More than 120 members and friends attended the lecture. Among the guests were the Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon Samvel Mkrtchyan; the Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Haroutiun Samuelian; the representative of Minister of Culture, Nizar Daher; and the chairman of AGBU-AYA, Vicken Tchertchian.

Lebiar then introduced the speaker, architect Raffi Gergian, the conservator of the World Heritage Archeological site of the city of Anjar. Gergian is also a professor of the history of architecture in Antiquities and the Medieval Ages at the Lebanese University. During his presentation, Gergian discussed eminent Lebanese-Armenian architects of the twentieth century who produced monuments that marked the history of Lebanon, such as the Lebanese Parliament building and the Michel el Abed Clock Tower in Beirut, and Saint Paul’s Basilica in Harissa, among many others.

“If Armenia is the source of the formation of an Armenian religious architecture, Lebanon is the country where this art developed with Cilician and local influences, while diffusing gradually towards the countries of the diaspora,” said Gergian. “Armenian architecture is mainly founded on theological and liturgical requirements, which very quickly become symbols connecting the faithful with their church, as well as with their homeland.”

For more information about AGBU Lebanon, please visit http://agbulebanon.org

Established in 1906, AGBU (www.agbu.org) is the world’s largest non-profit Armenian organization. Headquartered in New York City, AGBU preserves and promotes the Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs, annually touching the lives of some 500,000 Armenians around the world. 

For more information about AGBU and its worldwide programs, please visit www.agbu.org.


Mothers’ Day in Amman

On March 25, the Salus Diner in Amman hosted a Mothers’ Day event for 100 mothers. The event was organized by the women’s committee of the Armenian Athletic Union in Amman.

As reported the organizers to Hayern Aysor, the event began with an opening speech by Laura Hovhannisyan, a teacher from Armenia who teaches at the local Armenian school. In her speech, she emphasized the role of Armenian women and mothers throughout history and during the years of the catastrophe. She also attached importance to the role of Armenian mothers in our days and their efforts to make sure Armenians preserve their national identity in all corners of the globe. She ended her speech with a poem devoted to mothers.

Mrs. Elizabeth Vartanian congratulated mothers in Arabic, after which Vartouhi Toroian-Nersesian performed a song devoted to spring and the love of a mother. Soloist of Spitak Armenian Dance Group Lilit Melkonian performed the dance “Henzelin”, which was followed by the dance group’s performance.

The event was interrupted with an Armenian breakfast, after which the floor was given to Suzy Sanjian, who recited Maro Markarian’s poem “A Word for a Mother” with great excitement.

Afterwards, Suzy identified the image of an Armenian woman and mother as a person who gives birth like the spring. At the end, she performed the song “To My Mother” based on the poem by Avetik Isahakyan and received warm rounds of applause.

Luiza Abazian conducted an interesting intellectual game devoted to the paintings by Armenian painters. She also encouraged the attendees with psychological questions and excited them. At the end, Violet Lepejian entertained the attendees with riddles.

The event ended with the performance of a joyous Armenian round-dance.

Thank you to the members of the women’s committee for their devoted efforts.

Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard) in Odessa

On Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard), one of the most beautiful holidays of the Armenian Church and the day of the triumphant entrance of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Odessa was packed with children and believers.

After the Opening of the Doors ceremony, Fr. Priest Abgar Gilijyan properly served a Divine and eternal Liturgy. In his sermon, the celebrant interpreted the historic event, as well as its meaning and symbol.

Since Palm Sunday is declared as the day of blessing of children by the Catholicos of All Armenian Karekin II, after performances of psalms and biblical readings devoted to the symbol of the day, the blessing of children was performed.

The “Tchar Armavenyats” (Armavenyats Homily) was played in memory of and like the ceremony of greeting the Lord near the entrance to Jerusalem with the branches of a palm tree or olive tree.

In the church filled with the lights of candles, His Holiness blessed the branches of the willow tree and distributed them to the attendees.

The event continued in the large hall of the cultural center where a concert dedicated to Palm Sunday and Motherhood and Beauty Day was held.

Among the attendees were the community’s leadership, clergymen, members of the church council and honorary guests from other communities and compatriots.

After the Lord’s Prayer and His Holiness’s blessing, leader of the community Samvel Tigranyan conveyed his warm greetings and cordially congratulated “Armenian mothers who are as beautiful as the spring”.

The concert began with the “Tsaghkazard” dance performed by Nairi Armenian Dance Group. Araks Vocal Ensemble, Eric Harutyunyan and Ani Gasparyan performed beautiful songs devoted to mothers and beautiful Armenian women.

Violinist Janna Karukhanyan’s performance was a nice gift for the mothers.

After the performance, the attendees were charmed by the graceful dances of the exceptional Armenian female dancers. They also applauded the performance by dhol player Arsen Grigoryan and were excited as they watched the performance of the heroic and patriotic “Shalakho” dance by Siranush Minasyan.

During the event, the masters of ceremonies, including president of the Armenian youth union of Odessa region Azganush Vardanyan and member of the organization Ashot Vardanyan recited poems devoted to mothers.

When the children performed the Armenian song “Nazani” with the adults, the audience gave warm rounds of applause.

For Armenians, the words “homeland”, “language”, “church” and our major “city” are bright and cherished, and we refer to them as the mother homeland, mother language, mother church and the mother city. Araks Ensemble performed songs devoted to the major city of Yerevan, expressing the love and longing for Yerevan.

The concert ended with the sounds of the encouraging song “Hai-Hai”.

This wonderful concert was organized by artistic director of Araks Ensemble, recipient of several musical awards, gifted singer Siranush Minasyan, who is actually expecting a child. Let’s wish her the joy of being a mother.

Let’s praise the director of the cultural center Anna Gevorgyan for her support and assistance. It is thanks to women and mothers like them that we Armenians have high-class schools and cultural centers abroad. With their activities, they affirm that Armenians mothers are devoted to Armenians and the great task of bringing up Armenians in the homeland and abroad.

Narine Muradyan

Freelance correspondent for Hayern Aysor


Armenian Education Center in St. Petersburg hosts event dedicated to Motherhood and Beauty Day

On 9 April, the pre-school children of the Lazaryans Armenian Education Center of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Saint Petersburg, under the direction of Susanna Gabrielyan, held an event entitled “Little Brave Armenians: Future Defenders of the Homeland and Mothers”.

As reported Nazik Gabrielyan to Hayern Aysor, the event was devoted to mothers and was held on the occasion of Motherhood and Beauty Day. It began with poems and songs devoted to the homeland, followed by performances of patriotic songs by the children.

During the event, the little children also gave a performance in commemoration of those who were killed during the Four-Day Artsakh War in April 2016. At the end, the children dedicated poems and songs to their mothers.

Waiting for the Miracle of Holy Fire

Today, on 15 April, the Armenians, the Orthodox and the Catholics of Jerusalem are waiting for the Miracle of Holy Fire to occur at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The Miracle occurs at this church every year on Easter Eve.

Pilgrims around the world follow the patriarch, who prays in front of the Lord’s tomb to receive the Holy Fire.

The Miracle of Holy Fire serves as evidence of the fact that the prayers have been heard.

The Holy Fire symbolizes the light of the Resurrection of Christ that Peter the Apostle talked about and is considered sanctity for believers, writes armradio.am.

Azerbaijani forces make 25 ceasefire violations overnight

Azerbaijani forces breached the ceasefire across the Line of Contact between Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan 25 times, firing more than 400 shots from weapons of different calibers towards the Armenian positions on April 14 to overnight April 15, the Press Service of the NKR Defense Ministry reported.

 Karabakh vanguard units mainly refrained from taking countermeasures and continued conducting reliable defense of the military positions.

Germany’s Eurovision representative pays tribute to Armenian Genocide victims

On 15 April, Levina, Germany’s representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2017, visited Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex along with Armenia’s representative Artsvik ahead of the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

According to the Public Relations Department of First Channel, Germany’s delegate laid flowers near the eternal flame and respected the memory of the innocent martyrs of the Armenian Genocide with a moment of silence.

“I had heard about the Armenian Genocide before visiting Armenia since Germany recently recognized it. Being here is very touching,” she stated.

The source reminds that Levina arrived in Armenia on 13 April and has already been to the Komitas Museum-Institute where she was introduced to the recently opened temporary exhibition called “Sound and Silence: The Musician and the Instrument Throughout Centuries”, played the canon and listened to performances of folk and national songs with national instruments.

Germany’s delegate also met with her Eurovision fans and gave interviews to Armenian media outlets.