Peaceful demonstration against Turkish products held in Lebanon

On 7 April, another peaceful demonstration was held against Turkish products during an exhibition that was organized by Oreca Company at the Piel in Lebanon and gathered representatives of several Turkish companies.

Hayern Aysor, citing Lebanon’s Aztag Daily, reports that the young members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun passed out flyers stating that there are two sides to Turkey’s state policy-military and economic-and that the policy is aimed at debilitating countries of the region, eliminating civilization, perpetrate genocide and seize the good things that nations have.

The young Armenians called upon citizens of Lebanon to reject Turkish products and give preference to Lebanese products.

Azerbaijani troops open fire at Chinari and Baghanis villages

Last night, Azerbaijani troops opened fire at the Chinari and Baghanis villages of the Tavush Province.

Spokesman of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan told that the Armenian side had not suffered casualties from the shootings.

Cypriot parliamentary speaker calls upon international community to recognize the Armenian Genocide

During its April 7 session, the Parliament of Cyprus condemned the Armenian Genocide and called upon its international recognition.

Before the session, parliamentary speaker Demetris Syllouris addressed the gathered and stated that even if a century has passed since the Armenian Genocide of 1915 when the Turkish government perpetrated ethnic cleansing against the Armenians, Turkey continues to deny the massacres of 1.5 million Armenians, reports Artsakhpress, citing Cyprus News Agency.

Syllouris reminded that the Parliament of Cyprus was one of the first parliaments in the world and was the first in Europe to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide in 1975 with the demand for restoration of the historical truth.

On 2 April 2015, the Parliament of Cyprus adopted the bill criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide that was submitted by all the parliamentary factions, and the Parliament of Cyprus unanimously passed the law criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide.

Weightlifter Simon Martirosyan becomes European champion

The Croatian city of Split is hosting the European Weightlifting Championships.

On 8 April, Armenia’s representative Simon Martirosyan (up to 105 kg category) lifted 184 kg in the snatch drill, 230 kg-in the jerk drill and was recognized as Europe’s champion after lifting 414 kg in the biathlon.

He also scored two small gold medals in the snatch and jerk drills.

This was the third medal that Armenia scored at the European championship. Earlier, Sona Poghosyan (75 kg category) and Tatev Hakobyan (90 kg category) had scored bronze medals.

Today at 19:10, Armenia’s last two representatives, superheavyweight weightlifters Gor Minasyan and Ruben Alexanyan, will come out to the platform.