Story not about people leaving Armenia, but people returning to Armenia

For the past couple of months, the

Raffi and Simon Zakarian: “We are finally in our Homeland, our home. We have lived among foreigners for a long time”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

The Lebanese brothers have created an “Oasis” in Yerevan

The Lebanese brothers have created an oasis

Artsakh is the conviction of the Armenian nation to be the rightful owner: Sevak Poghosyan

“Sometimes in Artsakh I seek Syria and

Yes, I want to and I must live in Armenia

The youth wing of ARF Western USA

A bit of Aleppo in Yerevan

Due to the war in Syria, most

Every morning, we wake up, knowing that we will shape our future in the Homeland

Despite the growing rate of emigration, fortunately,

Nareg Boghossian: “The most difficult days are the best days…”

There are often cases when you try

Syrian-Armenians celebrated the New Year in the Homeland

Hrach Ghazarian: “May the year 2015 be

“No matter which country Armenians live in, it’s a foreign country. Our country is Armenia!”-Varand Bedrosian

“Besides the Homeland and away from the

A story about a Syrian-Armenian girl

Shoghig Chuldjian has been living in Artsakh

Lena Haladjian: “I pray that the interests of super powers don’t put Armenia at risk”

Due to the war in Syria, many

Sossi Gevonian: “For me, the Homeland is sacred”

“Hayern Aysor”’s correspondent sat down for an

“My greatest desire is for Armenians to create for the homeland…”

In 1992, architect Armen Minasian moved from
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