Honduran writer on the Armenian Genocide

Artur Ghukasyan, correspondent for “Orer” magazine in

Faysal Khartash: “Armenians are a forcefully displaced nation that now lives with worries and bitter memories”

Faysal Khartash was born in 1952 in

Le Huffington Post: turning Genocide page harmlessly impossible

Le Huffington Post published the article by

Turkish mass media reflect on recall of Armenia-Turkey Protocols

Turkish mass media have reflected on the

Turkish historian affirms sale of Armenian documents from Ottoman archives to Bulgaria

In his article printed in Yetikta newspaper,

Kim Kardashian’s fellow villagers in Turkey want to name a school after her

Residents of the Karakale village in the

Turkish-Syrian war helping revitalize the memory of the Armenian massacres

With his analytical article printed in the

Little Armenian girl wins citywide competition in China

Little Satine, who is the daughter of

The survivors are screaming that the living and the martyrs are the eyewitnesses of the massacres

As “Hayern Aysor” reports, Muhanat El Haj

Foreigners on the Armenian Genocide-Pierre Kiar

Hayern Aysor continues to present the eyewitness


Nobody can convert us from this faith,

Famous Armenian basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian has passed away

Famous Armenian basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian has

Egyptian documents reveal the Armenian massacres perpetrated by the Turks

Correspondent for Egypt’s famous Al Ahram newspaper

Book denying Genocide published in Turkey

In a recently published book covering the
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