Armenian representative of Parliament of Kurdistan visits Ashtar TV Company

 As Aztagarabic reports, Iraq’s Ashtar TV writes

RA Ambassador to Egypt Armne Melkonyan gives interview to Arab website correspondent

Correspondent for sat down for an

Talented Syrians of Armenian descent

Mohammad Kasim Al Khalil writes the following

Edgar Manas of Armenian descent composed Turkey’s national anthem

This year marks the 94th year of

Ceremony in commemoration of Armenian Genocide victims held at Saint Ana Temple in Bergamo

A ceremony in commemoration of the victims

Armenian women and the most sacred message of a mother

For centuries, Armenian women have played a

New Suleyman Shah tomb location on 1915 deportation route

Following the evacuation on the night of

Turkey is backing Syria’s terrorists

The Syrian SANA News Agency reports that

Kurds of Kobane are being populated on the bodies of Armenians

According to Hayern Aysor, as posted on

It’s not worth debating like that, we have already eliminated three quarters of the Armenians-Talaat to Ambassador Morgenthau

“Free Voice” newspaper presents its readers with

Eurovision Song Contest participant thanks Arax Mansourian for turning her dream into a reality

The fifth member of the Genealogy group,

Abdel-Aziz Al-Samahi’s short story “Mimi: The White Rose of Armenia”

The aly-Aurak publishing house recently released Abdel-Aziz

Our official representative won’t be visiting Turkey on April 24th: Israel’s Ambassador to Armenia‘s correspondent sat down for an exclusive

“From Dardanelles to Palestine”: The story of Armenian soldier Sarkis Torossian

Alhayat newspaper has published an article devoted
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