Shahan Kantaharian: “Our principle is to select a topic that will consolidate all Armenian media around it”

This fall, Yerevan and Stepanakert will host

Angela Ajemian: “I am happy that my children don’t see their future anywhere besides Armenia”

Angela Ajemian moved from Aleppo to Armenia

Arshak Gvafian: “ANC Sweden is discussing the issue on the teaching of genocide in Swedish schools”

The Armenian National Committee of Sweden is

“The language is not in decline, but we are, collectively,” Hratch Tchilingirian

The Armenian Studies at University of Oxford

Argentine-Armenian dancer: “If I can find a job in Armenia, I will definitely repatriate”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Jack Keivanian: “The HOMELAND is our greatest wealth”

The enormous and tastefully decorated Christmas tree

Kaylar Michaelian:“We need to recruit the Armenian community of Australia for the sake of Artsakh”

Artsakh’s representative office has been operating in

Raffi Kirakosian: “Spring will come soon, and I hope it is a spring of peace in Syria, my place of birth”

The RA Ministry of Diaspora always focuses

Mariano Saravia: “I feel Armenian because I have an Armenian wife and two Armenian daughters”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Gevorg Yeghiazaryan: “I am a painter, I don’t have any title, my only title is being an Armenian”

No matter how great Armenia’s trade and

Aghavni Kevranian: “Before, my Homeland was a dream, but now, Aleppo, my sweet hometown is a dream”

“Armenia was a dream for us, Mount

Bedo Demirdjian: “We must not let the PACE become a hostage to the Aliyevs”’s correspondent sat down for an interview

Levon Eskenian: “You need to seek heaven within you and in the place where you live and create”

Hayern’s correspondent sat down for an

Syrian-Armenian barber: “For us Syrian-Armenians, predicting the future is one of the hardest things to do”

“I have been a barber for 14
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