Argentine-Armenian journalist Klaus Lange Hazarian: “I love you, my Armenia, I love you, my mother”


The year 1915, the year of the Armenian Genocide that

Raffi Meneshian: “The bond with the Homeland makes us Armenians powerful”


On April 20, Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of

Tigran Nersisyan: “The velvet in spring symbolizes our love”


Let us agree that birthdays and birth anniversaries always give

Barouyr Aghbashian: “Armenia is my whole world”


The books devoted to Armenian history and literature, as well

Bedros Gyourounlian: “I am very certain that Armenia will definitely flourish!”


Armenians settled in Greece, one of the cradles of ancient

Mariana Kababian: “Members of Armenian society trust Armenian manufacturers”


People visiting Tashir Mall in Yerevan can’t overlook the halls

Nara Noyan: “I have sung everywhere, staying clung to my roots…”


During my interview for Hayern Aysor, singer Nara Noyan, who

Janna Blbulyan: “I am a songwriter, but I have always considered myself an actress…I really miss the theater”


The Armenian Diaspora has charmed and amazed the world several

Gohar Harutyunyan: “I was born under a lucky star”


On 7 April, the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church celebrates the

Armenian cross-stone to be placed in Spanish city of San Sebastian on 24 April


Established in different corners of the globe, our compatriots create

Melsida Kardumyan: “There is a need for special textbooks for children receiving inclusive education”


There is quite a lot of progress being made in

Maral Nersesian: “The “Ari Tun” Program is a steadfast way to reinforce the spirit of an Armenian within the new generation”


Maral Nersesian is one of the young activists of the

Emil Petrosyan: “I wanted to establish an Armenian community in Malaysia like I want air and water”


Renowned painter Martiros Saryan would compare the Armenian nation with

Brazilian-Armenian family: “Our goal is to make sure Armenian villages are not emptied”


Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an interview with member