Food Industry

Syrian-Armenian repatriate: “Nothing comes easy, and nothing is served on a silver platter”

Through the #3wordsofadvicefromasyrianarmenian hashtag, Hayern Aysor presents

Owner of Tawouk Restaurant: “There is no place better than Armenia”

With the #3advicefromasyrianarmenian feature, Hayern Aysor presents

Syrian-Armenian repatriate brothers: “It takes time to achieve success”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with the

Syrian-Armenian repatriate: “My children found their luck in Armenia”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with Syrian-Armenian

Hovsep Balmanoukian: “What I loved the most about Armenia was the people”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with young

Address: Armenia-the Rastkelenians of Aleppo

The Rastkelenians of Aleppo first came to

Start from Scratch: Dalita Degermenjian prepares and sells Oriental pastries

Syrian-Armenian Dalita Degermenjian and her family moved

“Yerkire Yerkir Eh” (This Country Is A Country)-Syrian-Armenian Salpi’s story

Seeing a female worker at an Armenian

A bit of Aleppo in Yerevan

Due to the war in Syria, most

Aleppo-Armenians open market in Yerevan (video)

Armenians of Aleppo have opened a market

Aleppo-Armenian couple makes and sells Syrian sweets in Armenia

“My husband and I started our small

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