Actress Nora Armani to star in new play devoted to the Armenian Genocide

During a February 11 press conference, President of the Union of Theater Figures of Armenia, artistic director of the Theater for Young Spectators Hakob Ghazanchyan mentioned that several Armenian theaters are touching upon the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide with old and new plays, as Artsakhpress reports.

“In late April, the Theater for Young Spectators will be presenting Anush Aslibekyan-Artsruni’s play “Mercedes”, which will star actress Nora Armani as the leading actress. The play presents the story of a girl who survives the Armenian Genocide and decides to visit Armenia and continue her life there. The play presents her life story, and the topic of the genocide is constantly touched upon. The play is about twisted fates that are the result of the genocide,” Hakob Ghazanchyan mentioned, adding that old and new plays would also be presented at the Ghaplanyan Dramatic Theater, Sundukyan National Academic Theater and other theaters.

“There are theaters that don’t present new plays, but there are several plays devoted to the Armenian Genocide in their lists. I don’t think theaters have to touch upon this issue just this year. It doesn’t have to be an anniversary for us to touch upon it. The genocide is touched upon in plays one way or another,” Hakob Ghazanchyan mentioned.

Prior to WWI, there were more than 2 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. Between 1915 and 1923, nearly 1.5 million Armenians were killed, and the rest were either forcefully Islamized, or took shelter in different countries around the world. The first stage of annihilation of the Armenian people began with the arrests that began on 24 April 1915 (mainly in the capital Constantinople of the Ottoman Empire) and the annihilation of hundreds of Armenian intellectuals. Later, Armenians around the world began to mark April 24th as the day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

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