Apartment building to be built for Syrian-Armenians in Davitashen district through “Help your Brother” program

Taking into consideration the fact that the long crisis in Syria is deepening and isn’t instilling any hope for the establishment of peace in the future, the “Help your Brother” civil initiative has been turned into a homonymous benevolent foundation.

Staying true to the civil initiative’s goal, the Foundation will continue implementing programs aimed at helping Syrian-Armenians.

The Foundation will continue to support socially disadvantaged Syrian-Armenian families in Syria, as well as the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and will be carrying out activities to help them solve housing issues.

In this period, based on the Syrian-Armenians’ appeals, the Foundation’s administration has appealed to the government and has reached an initial agreement for the construction of a condominium, which the government will recognize as a benevolent program.

At the same time, in accordance with an initial agreement with the mayor of Yerevan, the municipality has expressed willingness to provide land for the building in the Davitashen district of Yerevan.

Construction is underway, and all Syria-Armenians with the desire to have a home can visit the “Help your Brother” benevolent foundation’s office to register and receive updates about construction.


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