“Ari Tun”_2014”. Armenian national costumes admired and Yerevan’s drinking fountains amazed the program participants

In scope of the 7th stage of “Ari Tun-2014” program, some of the participants of “Ari Tun” program have shared their impressions during their visit to Garni and Geghard; the correspondent of “HayernAysor” has jotted down their impressions.

Diana Mantashyan, Pyatigorsk

I have come to Armenia to visit my relatives, but when I learnt about the program, I definitely decided to participate in it. I want to know everythingabout my Homeland, to learn the letters, to learn writing and reading in Armenian. Therefore, I decided to participate in the program.

My first visit to Armenia was when I was 5 years old. I don’t remember anything from that time. Everything I see and hear is something new for me and everything is very interesting. In the first place, I have been amazed and excited, when coming accrossthe Yerevan drinking fountains. I haven’t seen anything like this in my country. I am admired by Cascade, it is a nice building and I will never forget it.

Mariam Achemian, Rostov

I have been in Armenia for four times, but frankly speaking, I haven’t known anything about my Homeland, its historical-cultural monuments. Through these several days, I was able to somehow fill that gap. Everything is very familiar and warm to me. I cannot distinguish anything – the people, nature, food – everything is great.

Rona Arushanyan, Pyatigorsk

When I learnt about “Ari Tun” program and was told about how many historical-cultural sites the participants are visiting, and making friends with each other, I decided to participate in it. Everything is very interesting. I was particularly impressed by Sardarapat Museum; I would like to be able to, once in a while, wear the national costumes exhibited in the museum. My preference in the Armenian food is definitely dolma.

I am thankful to the Ministry of Diaspora for affording us with such opportunity of the Homeland recognition.  

Prepared by MelineHovhannisyan

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