“Ari Tun-2014: “Varsik and Mariam Papoyan: “We’ll be sad when the “Ari Tun” Program ends…”

These beautiful Armenian sisters are from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk and are participating in the “Ari Tun” Program. During one of the tours, they constantly danced on the bus and invited their friends to join them. It was clear to see that they had already adapted to the Armenian environment and had become close with the other participants. The girls shared their impressions of the program with “Hayern Aysor”’s correspondent.

The sisters are very happy and excited to be participating in the “Ari Tun” Program. They love Armenia. According to them, unlike the people in Krasnoyarsk, the people in Armenia are very happy and open-hearted. The girls say they took their acquaintance’s advice and decided to participate in the program. “We decided to participate because it had been a long time since we last visited Armenia. The program has helped us discover new things and visit beautiful historic sites that we had only heard about. We especially liked Garni and Geghard,” the sisters said. One of the sisters, Varsik is already improving her conversational skills in Armenian. At first, she was only communicating with her peers in Russian, but now she speaks more in Armenian, and she’s very happy for that.

The sisters like Armenian cuisine. They tasted the “pasuts dolma” for the first time. As for the sweet sujukh, nothing compares to that in terms of taste.

They’re very excited as they talk about the close and strong ties that they have established with the other participants through the program. “We couldn’t imagine becoming so close with them. We all understand each other and have promised to keep in touch. We’ve exchanged telephone numbers. We’ll also chat on the Internet and have even agreed to visit each other whenever possible. We’ll be sad when the program ends. We don’t want this to end,” the sisters said with emotions.

Gevorg Chichyan


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