Syrian-Armenians are still optimistic

The Syrian-Armenian community is optimistic towards the future of Syria. This is what press speaker of the Armenian Prelacy of the Diocese in Aleppo Jirair Reyisian affirmed in an interview with Civilnet, adding that the Armenian community is ready to overcome all the difficulties.

Talking about the current situation in the Armenian-populated districts, Reyisian informed that the situation is the same.

“There are military operations in different parts of the city, but there are few clashes in the Armenian-populated districts,” said Reyisian and didn’t rule out the likelihood of military operations.

In response to the question of how the unemployed earn a living, Reyisian informed that even though the overall situation is bad, the citizens living in difficult conditions appeal to the Aleppo-Armenian Relief Body, which does everything possible to help them.

Reyisian doesn’t agree with the view that the Prelacy, the church and the leaders of the Armenian community encourage Armenians to stay in Syria. Reyisian said nobody obliges people to stay in Syria, but everyone receives as much support as possible.

“There aren’t many students in school, but this can be explained by migration because people move from one city to the next,” says Reyisian.

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