Romanian-Armenians support the Dorians

The RA Embassy in Romania and Romanian-Armenian community organizations have reported to “Hayern Aysor” that the Union of Armenians of Romania, the Romanian-Armenian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Union of Armenian Youth, as well as the local chapters of the UAR, Armenians who have settled in Romania and Armenian students are making active efforts to ensure the maximum amount of votes for the rock band Dorians, which is representing Armenia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The call of the RA Minister of Diaspora, materials regarding Armenia’s participation in the contest and calls for active participation have been posted on the website of Ararat magazine, social networking websites, as well as the websites of Romanian-Armenian community organizations and their chapters.

The final of the international song contest with the slogan “We are one” will be held on May 18.

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