The band Dorians makes it to the final stage of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

Based on the votes of the jury and TV viewers, the rock band Dorians, which represented Armenia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, made it to the final stage after performing its song Lonely Planet in the second semi-final held in Malme, Sweden on May 16.

According to “ArmenPress”, besides Armenia, out of the 17 countries participating in the second semi-final, 10 countries made it to the final stage, including Moldova, Lithuania, Ireland, Estonia, Belarus, Denmark, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain, as the co-founding countries, as well as Sweden, which is this year’s receiving side, will perform without a preliminary selection, in accordance with the contest’s rules and regulations.

The Dorians performed in the “minimalist” style, without decorations or choreography. The band’s five members performed in jeans in Armen Galyan’s style.

One of the writers of the song Lonely Planet is guitarist of world renowned rock band Black Sabbath Tony Iommi, who called on his fans to vote for the Dorians.

The Dorians’ performance was immediately followed by heated discussions on Facebook. Most Facebook users said they were content with the band’s lead singer Gor Sujyan and emphasized that the band performed well during the semi-final.

This year, there are artists from 39 countries participating in the 58th Eurovision Song Contest. Nearly one and a half thousand journalists have been accredited to provide coverage of the event, and there are about 100,000 guests. The final stage of the contest held with the motto We are One will be held on May 18.


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