Vivaro predicts Denmark´s victory at 2013 Eurovision

According to Vivaro Bookmaker Company, Denmark´s representative Emmelie De Forest is most likely to win the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malme, Sweden. As Vivaro´s bookmakers told, Denmark has the highest chances of winning first place, followed by Norway and Israel respectively.

Vivaro has set 75 as the coefficient for the victory of Armenia´s Dorians rock band. According to the bookmakers, Armenia will be in the top 10 with a coefficient of 5.50 for “yes” and 1.10 for “no”.

Nevertheless, Vivaro wishes the Dorians success and hopes Armenia’s representatives will surprise Armenia with their victory.

The second semi-final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be held on May 16 with performances by the representatives of Latvia, San Marino, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Bulgaria, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Armenia, Hungary, Norway, Albania, Georgia, Switzerland and Romania.

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