Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a moral necessity for the Jews-Knesset discussed issue of Armenian Genocide recognition

In a discussion on recognition of the Armenian Genocide during the plenary session of the Parliament of Israel (Knesset), Speaker Yuli Edelstein mentioned that “as Jews, they must recognize the sufferings that the Armenian people underwent, even if they don’t accuse anyone of those sufferings”.

The speaker underlined the fact that the discussion is not a condemnation against any country, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“We’re not accusing anyone, but are simply being loyal to the truth as Jews. We can’t deny history and human values due to diplomatic or political precaution,” Edelstein went on.

The source adds that leader of the Meretz Social-Democratic Party of Israel Zehava Gal-On submitted the proposal for recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Knesset and has urged the Jewish government to recognize the Armenian Genocide prior to the Centennial.

“The government should recognize the Armenian Genocide in spite of temporary interests. The diplomatic situation is different every time. When we want to be on good terms with Turkey, we don’t recognize the Armenian Genocide, but when we face the issue of Marmara, we change our minds,” the leader of the party continued. According to Gal-On, as a nation that has experienced the Holocaust, the Jews can’t continue to overlook the issue of the Armenian Genocide.

Among other speakers was member of the Likud Beytenu (Israel is Our Home) political party Reven Rivlin, who recalled that the world continues to keep silent when it comes to the issue of the Armenians.

“It’s hard for me to forgive the nations that overlook our tragedy. So, we can’t turn a cheek to the tragedy of other nations. It is our moral responsibility as a nation and as Jews,” Rivlin said.

Then, instead of Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Tourism Uzi Landaun responded to the proposal and shared the other parliamentarians’ view that recognition of the Armenian Genocide is the moral responsibility of the Jews.

After the discussion, the proposal for recognition of the Armenian Genocide was sent to the Knesset’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense.

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