Armenian Genocide Commemoration event in Latakia

On Apr. 24, 2014, a Divine and eternal Liturgy dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was held at the St. Mary Church in Latakia, which was followed by Requiem Mass in front of the Armenian Genocide Memorial located in the yard of the church.

Afterwards, the attendees climbed to “Ararat” Hall where they participated in an Armenian Genocide Commemoration event organized through the combined efforts of the Armenian associations of Latakia.

Host of the ceremony, Huri Deirmenjian-Garamardian gave opening remarks and presented the program, after which Dr. Hovhannes Khachadourian gave his opening remarks.

The event included a performance of Gusan Ashot’s song “Dzakhord Orere” by Berge Yeretsian and a performance by the AGBU “Karoun” Choir led by Berge Yeretsian. Rita Gaghian-Dikbikian recited the poem “Ghoghanj Yeghernakan” from Paruyr Sevak’s series of poems entitled “Unsilenceable Belfry”, and Tveen Nazarian recited Siamanto’s “Yes Yergelov Kuzem Mernil”.

Jano Manjigian performed the song “Kilikia” on the piano, and Vago Garjigian sang the song “Zartir Vordeak”. Afterwards, juniors presented  a play entitled “Destiny”, which was dedicated to the strength of the vengeful Armenians and dedicated Armenian youth.

The keynote speaker was Father Artak Arabian who had come from the Catholicosate of Cilicia. Arabian briefly presented the grounds for the Armenians’ claims and stressed the fact that during the crisis in Syria, the Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia and the Cilician Diocese supported and will continue to support the Syrian-Armenians and especially the Armenians of Kessab.

The Very Reverend Serob Megerdichian gave the final speech, and Father Karnig Chapanian said a prayer at the end.

The “Kaytsag” Chapter of the youth association organized and members of “Shant” Chapter participated in a commemoration event in Latakia.

Maria Nazarian delivered opening remarks and urged the youth to stand up for their rights.

The event included performances by Daniel Danielian, Razmig Melkonian on guitar and Nareg Arakelian. James Pedirian recited Vahan Tekeyan’s poem “Ahavor Ban M’”, and the members of “Kaytsak” Chapter performed a dance called “Mush”.

Afterwards, a group of youth presented Aharonyan’s short story “Little Tiger” (Vagrik).

The event ended with Father Karnig Chapanian’s prayer.


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