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 The RA Ministry of Diaspora held a ceremony of paying homage to great writer Pertch Zeytuntsyan.

On Apr. 22, officials, cultural figures and intellectuals participated in a ceremony of paying homage to great writer, playwright, publicist Pertch Zeytuntsyan at Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theater. The event was organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora and began with welcoming remarks by RA Acting Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan.

Appreciating and praising the writer’s contributions to the development of Armenian literature and culture, Hranush Hakobyan particularly mentioned: “With your creations and image, you have become a living ‘torch’ that lights the path of the new generations of writers. You play an unsurpassable role in shaping the national image of the new generations. Tomorrow we will be marking the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. This event is symbolic in that you have never let the remembrance of mankind be “rusty” with your creations.”

Acting Minister Hranush Hakobyan granted the commemorative medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora to the great writer.

Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Levon Mutafyan presented the great writer’s works that have become classic in his living years and particularly mentioned. “For my generation, Pertch Zeytuntsyan opened the door to contemporary world literature. He became the powerful individual who introduced a new mindset and a new state of mind, the ideology of his time, but he stood out with his originality and the sincere and struggling characters in his books. The author’s works show his concerns, and his literature is valued as innovative. He took a risk and became an innovative writer by touching upon the issue of genocide in Armenian dramaturgy in an age of intolerance during the Soviet era.”

The ceremony included a presentation of Pertch Zeytuntsyan’s career, episodes of his life, the writer’s interviews, as well as the opinions of Armen Jigarkhanyan, Levon Ananyan, Armen Khandikyan and the writer’s daughter, Zarmine Zeytuntsyan.

An episode from Pertch Zeytuntsyan’s drama “Rise for the Judge” was shown during the event. The play is directed by Tigran Gasparyan and stars Tigran Nersisyan as Soghomon Tehleryan.

The Komitas State Quartet, Tsakhkazard Ensemble of the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese and the Zorakan Ensemble of the RA Ministry of Defense performed as a tribute to Pertch Zeytuntsyan.

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