RA Minister of Diaspora calls on all Armenians around the world


Armenian singer Gor Sujyan will be performing at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmyo, Sweden on May 14-18.
We call on you to unite as one, follow the semi-final and final contests and vote for our singer, for Armenia.

I call on all those whose souls are full of “Armenianness” and who are ready to make a contribution to keeping Armenia’s reputation high in this international contest. If our compatriots in Europe try to participate in our movement and find some time to support our young singer, our victory will be inevitable.

Each victory determines a nation’s collectiveness, faith and unity. I am certain that the energy of our compatriots in Armenia and the Diaspora, as well as their prayers to our representative will give him strength and positive energy.
It is clear that Armenia’s representative, our talented Gor Sujyan needs your moral support, love and warmth. We have to give him strength, believe in his talent and ability and we will score our victory.

I wish that Gor’s performance makes our compatriots in Armenia and the Diaspora feel victorious. I also wish that our victory at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest becomes one of the victories of the Armenian people in May. I wish that our singer makes a brilliant achievement and waves the Armenian tricolor flag in Europe and that the Armenian people feel the joy of taking pride in the victory of our singer, just like they took pride in the victory of our chess players.
We can achieve victory not only with Gor’s performance, but also with our unity and our votes.
We look forward to seeing your active support.



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