The Los Angeles Times on the deporatations of Armenians of Kessab

Nearly three weeks after the surprise attack on Kessab and the deportations of the local residents, The Los Angeles Times addressed the issue in the middle of the front page of its April 9 edition.

Beirut-based columnist Patrick McDonald mentions that the attack on Kessab took place ahead of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and caused a blow to the Armenians, taking into consideration the fact that Kessab was one of the last Amenian-populated areas of Armenia. McDonald adds that the Islamist extremists seized Kessab with Turkey’s support.

The columnist describes the events of Kessab, writes about the Armenians who have taken shelter in Latakia and Beirut and touches upon the activities of Diaspora Armenians aimed at keeping the issue in focus and ensuring the Armenians’ safe return to Kessab.


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