French-Armenian community presented steps ahead of Armenian Genocide Centennial to Al Jazeera

Armenians’ preparations ahead of the Armenian Genocide Centennial are still in the focus of the official Ankara. In this regard, Turkey is especially concerned about the activities and preparations of Diaspora Armenian organizations in different countries around the world. As reported by “ArmenPress”, citing the Turkish Radikal, journalist for the Turkish section of Al Jazeera news agency Verjihan Ziflioglu talked about these issues during an interview with President of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France Mourad Papazian and Chairman of the Committee Ahead of 2015 Alexis Govciyan.

Papazian told the journalist that the issue on introducing the draft law criminalizing Armenian Genocide denial will still be part of the preparations ahead of 2015 and underlined the fact that Hollande’s administration has pledged to do so. “The law will be presented in another format in 2014,” Govciyan said and reminded that the draft law was returned due to political reasons and pressure from Turkey.

Papazian talked about the plans to publish books devoted to the Armenian Genocide and the lectures to be given at different universities. Papazian also talked about the production of a high-budget film about the Armenian Genocide, but fell short of revealing the script, actors and directors.

According to Papazian, Armenians might present material and territorial claims to Turkey in 2015. In addition, in March 2014, the French-Armenian community will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to uphold the lawsuit over Dogu Perincek’s case.

Touching upon the statements that Davutoglu made in Yerevan, Papazian mentioned that the only route that Turkey has to take is to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Papazian reminded that Turkey will try to introduce the idea of discussion on the Armenian Genocide by a historical commission and that the Armenian Diaspora is a very well-organized structure. “We’re ready to talk to Turkey, but Turkey must first and foremost reject its denial policy, recognize the Armenian Genocide and make reparations,” Papazian said.

In his turn, Alexis Govciyan said the Armenians have no intention to blame the Turks. “Turkey hasn’t been able to come to grips with its past and has presented the events in the wrong way. Since it isn’t able to come to grips with its past, Turkey has

Turkey must confront the Genocide and the country’s history. Like the Germans made reparations to the Jews, Turkey must also make reparations,” Govciyan said. Touching upon Davutoglu’s statements in Yerevan, Govciyan mentioned: “We only accept the Genocide as a formulation. The tombs of the 1.5 million Armenians are “buried” in our hearts.”


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