RA Ministry of Diaspora holds meeting-discussion with members of Syrian-Armenians’ Facebook groups

On Jan. 13, the RA Ministry of Diaspora held a meeting-discussion with members of Syrian-Armenian Facebook groups with the topic “Crisis of Syrian-Armenians in the Spotlight”.

The event began with opening remarks by co-founder of the ARMENIANS OF ALEPPO Facebook group, doctor Robert Sulahian, who attached importance to the role of Facebook groups in identifying and solving the key issues facing Syrian-Armenians, disseminating objective information about the Syrian-Armenian community and the Syrian war and expressed gratitude to the RA Ministry of Diaspora and ArmEconomBank for helping organize the meeting-discussion.

Greeting the participants of the meeting, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan wished the Syrian-Armenians a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas and wished them peace and prosperity. The minister expressed gratitude to the Syrian-Armenians who have remained in Syria and are fighting to preserve the community. The minister also presented the activities that the Armenian government is carrying out for Syrian-Armenians.

Hranush Hakobyan suggested that the members of the Facebook groups participate in the monthly sessions of the inter-departmental body coordinating the key issues of Syrian-Armenians, be more informed and present the activities objectively and impartially.

Head of the Department for Relations with Armenian Communities of the Near East and Middle East at the RA Ministry of Diaspora Lusine Stepanyan presented the activities carried out for Syrian-Armenians in the spheres of society, healthcare and education.

Head of the ARMENIANS OF ALEPPO Facebook group Hrach Kalsahakian expressed his view on distinguishing the news related to Syrian-Armenians from the range of general news on the Syrian issue, analyzing the news and presenting it in a favorable way. Kalsahakian mentioned that in the information war the field representatives must differentiate between the flows and mechanisms that can harm Syrian-Armenians by excluding unrealistic commentaries, wrong information and uncertainties. Hrach Kalsahakian mentioned: “The time has come for us to be aware of the activities being carried out in Armenia and abroad. Misinformation can seriously harm the integration of Syrian-Armenians. We have to show a professional approach, present precise and objective information about the support to Syrian-Armenians, the amount of assistance and the mechanisms for distribution of that assistance by avoiding disregarding needless commentaries that often thrust a wedge in different sectors of Armenians.”

London-based member of the ARMENIANS OF ALEPPO Facebook group Taleen Makarian presented the grave social-psychological situation of the Syrian-Armenian community and the activities that have been carried out to help solve the Syrian-Armenians’ issues of concern.

Araxi Pilavjian-Khdrlarian (Beirut) presented the state of Syrian-Armenians in Lebanon and the activities that are being carried out to help solve their key issues.

Vasken Berghoudian read the comments on Facebook that touch upon the issues concerning Syrian-Armenians.

Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan and members of the inter-departmental committee answered the questions raised by the participants of the event.

Issues on dissemination of precise information about Syrian-Armenians in the mass media and on social networks were also discussed during the meeting-discussion.

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