The month of Marian fervency in Mesrobian

On May 31, 2019, Mesrobian High School hosted the closing ceremony of this year’s Marian month, during which several events of spiritual education were organized and sponsored by the office of the school’s spiritual superintendent.

The closing masses were held separately for the students of primary and elementary classes. Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, as well as the administrative and teaching staff attended those masses.

The spiritual fathers celebrating the masses explained during their sermons the meaning of the Rosary, while the students presentedresolutions for their school, families, sick and needy persons, as well as for priestly vocations.

Mesrobian’s Spiritual Superintendent Father Raffi Hovhannessian emphasized in his sermon on the importance of time in the life of the human being. He recommended considering time on two different dimensions: First, the fact that time relates to our ordinary lifestyle and the works related to it, and second, the fact that it relates to spiritual education and growth. Father Raffi advised to make worthy and decent use of time on both dimensions, since time is the gift of God to man to live the life through His love.

Father Ghazar Bedrossian and Father Khatchig Koyoumdjian blessed the students with the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and encouraged to always pray the Rosary to replenish their everyday life with Marian fervency. The event ended with the annual procession.

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