The Students Of Mesrobian Handed Over 30 000 Plastic Cover Caps To The Waste Recycling Plant

On May 21, the 5th graders of Mesrobian High School visited the plant for the production of items out of recycled materials, which operates under the auspices of the Arcenciel Organization, and handed over a total of about 30,000 cover caps that were gathered in Mesrobian during the year.

Collecting cover caps for the recycling purpose is part of the educational program for the conservation of the environment in Mesrobian.

The representative of the association Mr. Paul Abi Ishak welcomed the students and introduced them to the plant’s different products, which are prepared by the recycled waste, such as the cover caps. Our students got acquainted with the whole process of waste recycling and production.

A few days before this visit, Mr. Abi Ishak visited the students of Mesrobian and presented the activities of the Arcenciel Organization in the development and environmental fields.

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