Zankezour dance ensemble’s majestic performance

On Friday, April 12th 2019, at the New Generation International School, the Zankezour Dance Ensemble held its 50th anniversary performance with great brilliance.

Mrs. Gassia Deovletian-Djeghalian inaugurated the event with a speech in Armenian in which she emphasized the great role of art in the preservation of our culture in the Diaspora. She also mentioned that many of the ensemble’s dancers’ parents have performed in this same ensemble years ago, and that as a former dancer it was a great honour for her to be the anchor of this momentous milestone.

Dr. George Simonian who continued presenting the troupe and its history in Arabic language, ended his strong speech with the last paragraph of prominent author William Saroyan’s famous saying:  “Because when two of them meet in any corner of the world, see how they will create a new Armenia.”

The evening included some glittering and excellent Armenian and non-Armenian folkloric dances, performed with great passion by the hundred or so youngsters who kept the presence in high spirits all through the performance.

Twenty three dancers from Alexandria took part also in the show, bringing along 120 enthusiasts who came to support the event.

The small pauses between dances were filled in by the concise narratives of Mrs. Lala Shamamian-Nigolian

At the end of the performance, four dancers were honoured for their continuous participation in the Zankezour dance troupe for the past ten years:  Tamar Sabry, Alyssa Depoyan, Vartan Terzibashian and Roupen Saad.  Then the “behind the scenes” ladies were invited on stage to be honoured for their huge contribution in the making of the dresses and the choreographic material related to the show. In this respect, a special golden pendant was given to Mrs. Zabel Depoyan, by Mr. Garbis Yazedjian, the honorary chairman of Goganian club, and this for her outstanding efforts.

Special words of praise were also dedicated to the troupe’s former dancers. Special praise was given also to the choreographers who had kept up the fame of Zankezour all throughout these 50 years. Alas, from them only Mrs. Suzan Hagopian-Karkour was present. She was given a special commemorative plate by the chairman of Cairo’s community council, Mr. Noubar Simonian.

The reigning fervor came to its peak when all former Zankezour dancers were invited to stage to mingle with the current dancers, many of whom were their actual children.

It was also with great enthusiasm and acknowledgement that the audience and the dancers welcomed the choreographer of Zankezour, Mrs. Ellen Mardirosian, who was honoured by a golden pendant by Goganian Club’s chairman Dr. Kevork Yerzengatsian.

A special rich commemorative booklet was prepared on the occasion of this 50th anniversary. It was distributed to all former members of the troupe and it was announced that all those wishing to acquire a copy could do so by applying to the board of Goganian club.

After the three hour long commemoration event and performance, it seemed that the crowd was not willing to part from this cheerful atmosphere.  The work put forth to achieve this great event is really remarkable, and every single person, who contributed in it whether through planning, dancing or working behind the scenes must be praised for it.

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