Refrain from transliteration, respect the Mother Tongue – Pashinyan’s call on Day of Online Armenian Typing

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has urged online users to type in Armenian letters and refrain from transliteration on the internet.

“Dear countrymen, since 2012 February 7 is marked as the Day of Armenian Typing Online at a civil initiative. In this context almost every day is a February 7 for me and I would like to urge you to type Armenian texts in Armenian letters online,” Pashinyan said on Facebook, referring to his active use of social media accounts where he almost exclusively types in Armenian letters.

“This is a more respectful approach not only to our national genius Mesrop Mashtots, but also all those online users who are reading your posts,” Pashinyan said.

Mesrob Mashtots was an early medieval Armenian linguist, theologian, statesman and hymnologist. He is best known for inventing the Armenian alphabet c. 405 AD.

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