Mr. Varouj Nerguizian visited Mesrobian High School

On Sunday, the 3rd of February, one of the leaders in the Lebanese and Arab banking sector, Head of Educational and Investment Funds and Programs Mr. Varouj Nerguizian visited Mesrobian High School, of which he is the main benefactor since many years.

Mr. Nerguizian got acquainted with the renovated and expanded parts of ‘’Alice Nerguizian’’ Nursery, which was built through his philanthropy. The nursery was named after the benefactor’s mother. During the meeting held with Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kalousd, Mr. Nerguizian greatly appreciated the work carried out and in process to improve consistently the educational environment of the students and reaffirmed his readiness to contribute to the school development programs.

It is noteworthy that one day prior this visit, Mr. Nerguizian presided over Mesrobian’s annual charity dinner, which took place at Le Royal Hotel, in the presence of more than 250 attendees. On this occasion, his regular large donations to Mesrobian Needy Students’ Fund were announced.

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