Hrant Dink assassination 12th anniversary remembrance event be held in Istanbul

A mourning event will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 12th anniversary of the assassination of Istanbul Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, the founder and chief editor of Agos Armenian weekly of the city.

The Dink commemoration event will be held on Saturday, outside the former office of Agos, the newspaper reported.

The remembrance event will take place under the slogan, “We are not giving up, Ahparig [“brother,” in Armenian].”

Hrant Dink was gunned down on January 19, 2007 outside the then office of Agos.

In 2011, the perpetrator, Ogün Samast, was sentenced by a juvenile court to 22 years and ten months for the murder.

After long court proceedings and appeals, however, a new probe was ultimately launched into this murder case, and regarding numerous former and serving senior Turkish officials’ complicity in this assassination.

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