About three meters long Jengyalov hats been added to Armenia’s “Dyutsaznagirk”

Jengyalov hats (the grain flat cake with greens) with a weight of 20 kg 885 grams and about 3 meters was made in the Hadrut region, Artsakh Republic. It has been added to Armenia’s “Dyutsaznagirk”

In an interview with “Artsakhpress, Head of the Culture and Youth Affairs Department of the Hadrut’s regional administration’s staff, Yerazik Hayriyan said that  an  hour and  a half took for making the “record” dish. 8 people participated in making process.

26 types of greens, which grow only in Artsakh, have been used to make Zhengyalovhats,” she informed and added that it was initiated by the Department of Culture and Youth Affairs of Hadrut Regional Staff, which was immediately supported by the head of the regional administration Ivan Avanesyan.

The goal of organizing the event was to highlight the role of the traditional dish of Artsakh cuisine.

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