Through mobilization of the resources and efforts of the Armenian nation, we can make Armenia a country of our dreams – Haykak Arshamyan

The Annual Pan-European Phoneathon launched in France will go on until November 18.

 Bako Sahakyan, President of Artsakh has arrived in France to take part in the fundraising Phoneathon2018. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Executive Director Haykak Arshamyan is in Paris to kick off the major event. The proceeds of the Phoneathon will be directed to the development projects to be carried out in 2019 in Armenia and Artsakh, the Hayastan All-Armenia Fund reports.

“Through mobilization of the resources and efforts of the Armenian nation, we can make Armenia a country of our dreams,” said Haykak Arshamyan in his interview to the French AYP radio. The Fund’s director told the French-Armenian audience that soon the examination will be completed in the Fund. According to the preliminary results, there has not been any loss of money. “The Fund continues to work with absolute transparency. Each cent will be used to solve crucial problems,” Arshamyan said.

Speaking about the upcoming projects of the Hayastan Fund, Arshamyan mentioned that the Fund should diversify its projects: “The infrastructure development is definitely important for our country. I want the Fund to be involved also in conceptual programs. We should make Armenia an idea producing country. The Fund should help boost the innovative information technologies, as well as promote arts and culture. We should also make Armenia a country of green energy,” Haykak Arshamyan added.

Hayastan Fund’s Executive Director expressed hope that in the nearest future Armenia can become a unique network country in the world. We have a powerful Diaspora, we need only to strengthen the ties. “The day will come when the name of Armenia will be associated with a quality brand. I want to turn it into a reality through the Hayastan Fund,” Arshamyan emphasized, “the money is not the only issue, the involvement of the Diaspora in the strengthening of the homeland is essential. To me, it is not important how much money the Fund raises; it is much more important how many people contribute to the pan-national fundraising. We should do our utmost to help our compatriots in Diaspora have a keen sense of ownership, and it should be very realistic and practical.”

The radio transmission is available here.

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