My impression is that everyone realized that early elections are pan-Armenian demand – Nikol Pashinyan

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan presented the results of the negotiations with parliamentary forces to the people gathered in front of the National Assembly. ARMENPRESS reports after the negotiations Pashinyan gave a speech in front of the people. “Today we showed that early elections are a pan-Armenian demand and the political forces that will oppose this political demand declare war against their own people. My impression is that our colleagues from the RPA, ARF and “Tsarukyan” factions realized this message”, Pashinyan emphasized.

Pashinyan said that during the talks he had said that a political crisis exists in the country which needs to be overcome. “The representatives of the RPA, ARF and “Tsarukyan” factions said that crisis should be overcome in a way that our country does not undergo shocks. I said that the following is the only option for that – I will resign from the post of the PM in the nearest days and I expect the RPA and the parliament not to further provoke people if I will resign. I said that I think we should sign a document that I will resign this day after which the factions will not nominate a candidate for the PM’s position after which 1/3 of the MPs  will not nominate a candidate for the 2ndtime, based on which we will have early parliamentary elections in December”, the PM said, adding that the parliamentary forces seem to have understood the message of the people and respect the message of the people. “They said that irrespective of the memorandum they do not plan to nominate a candidate for the Prime Minister’s position  either in the 1st or the 2nd stages”, PM Pashinyan detailed.

Hours ago PM Pashinyan addressed the citizens of Armenia, urging them to gather in front of the National Assembly as a demonstration of protest against the adoption of the controversial law on making amendments in the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly of Armenia, which was adopted in an extraordinary session.  According to Pashinyan, this law is a part of counter-revolutionary efforts aimed at preventing early elections. Pashinyan entered the parliament to negotiate with the political forces after his speech in front of the National Assembly. The talks lasted over 3 hours.

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