The 47th International folklore dance festival

Brazilian multiculturalism was once again highlighted by the 47th edition of the Bunkyo International Folk Dances Festival in São Paulo. Under the motto “A dream of harmony among peoples,” the event became an example of the peaceful coexistence between the different cultures of foreign roots in the country.

Right at the beginning of the event, the harmony of this coexistence in Brazilian lands by descendants of such different cultures was evident. The tip was not to be late, because the organizers greeted the audience in a special way that, in addition to presenting all the groups, involved the public in the climate of integration of this festival, which took place on September 22 and 23.

Another highlight was the presence of different generations on the stage, which revealed how the transmission of culture and traditions is something dynamic and remains alive in the daily life of the communities.

In this edition, 33 groups of folk dances took part, representing 22 countries /nations: Germany, Armenia,  Austria, Bolivia, Korea, Croatia , Scotland ,Spain ,Greece, Hungary, Israel , Italy, Japan , Lithuania , Paraguay , Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Syria, Switzerland ,Taiwan, Ukraine.

Each dance group had the chance to introduce its culture for 9 minutes. “Hamazkayin Kilikia” and “Arevik” dance groups used their time to delight the 950 people attending the event through three of our dances: “Papuri”, “Davigh” and “Yarkhushta with Msho Kher”. The audience was thrilled to see different generations dancing together and shouting in one voice at the end, holding our flag : “Together ! HAYASTAN , HAYASTAN, HAYASTAN… ARMENIA!!”.

Once again we were able to mark our space among the different immigrant communities co-habiting in Brazil. “Armenia is here and anywhere else where two Armenians can hold each other hands”.

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