The fifth academic year has started at UWC Dilijan College

The community welcomed its first-year students who are exploring the College and the country which will be their home for the next two years. The end of August is a busy time for them. They are making decisions on their projects and study plans.

In the current academic year, the College has 218 students from around 80 countries of the world, including 21 students from Armenia and Artsakh. More places have appeared on our map, including Kiribati, Barbados, Belgium, South Korea, Tunisia, Montenegro, Cyprus.

In August the community also welcomed the new Head of College Gabriel Ernesto Abad Fernandez, who joined us from UWC South East Asia (Singapore) to take the College forward through further development.

UWC Dilijan College is the fourteenth of 17 UWC colleges and schools all over the world. It was founded by impact investors and social entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend with the support and assistance of founding patrons. The College opened in 2014. It already has had three generations of alumni.

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