Syria begins implementation of state program to restore Aleppo governorate

Syria’s authorities have begun implementation of the state program for the restoration of populated localities in the Aleppo governorate that were liberated from militants, deputy governor of the province, Hamid Kenno, said on Thursday, TASS reports.

“The state program includes three stages. First, we must restore infrastructure, as people cannot live without water and electricity. Stage two provides for targeted assistance – we collect information about the needs of each family. Stage three is to encourage people to return to their homes. We must explain to them that now it is safe here,” he said.

By now, more than one million people have returned to the governorate, both from other Syrian governorates and from neighboring countries – Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

The Aleppo governorate was liberated from militants in late 2016. More than six million civilians fled the governorate when it was controlled by militants

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