How to make lessons for Youth Workers”. FYCA

Within the framework of the long-term program of International Youth Studies initiated by the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia and supported by the European Union’s Erasmus + program, the Georgian capital, Tbilisi hosted a Training program on “How to make lessons for Youth Workers”.

The goal of the project was to develop skills of youth workers, to study the methodology of youth work, to learn the peculiarities of non-formal education and to find ways to promote the recognition of youth work.

During the course, team work was also highlighted, through which the participants developed communication, negotiation, analysis and a range of other skills.

Atom Mkhitaryan, the president of Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, underlining the importance of working with partners notes that “a joint training course will be useful for a youth worker in any country. It can also be used by lecturers working in the formal education system, which will increase the effectiveness of their training by using non- formal learning methods and using a remote learning platform”.

Valeria Bulutskaya, a participant from Belarus, has been participating in the programs organized by Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia for the third time. “During this program I gained a lot of experience and knowledge, the program was full of challenges. As well as being a participant, I also had an opportunity to run a session on skills and abilities and I am very happy for it. I look forward to further cooperation with the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia”.

Lea, who is from Portugal and a member of FYCA partner organization mentioned that “Armenian and Portuguese two prominent organizations have the same mission, namely clear steps to achieve the recognition of youth work. The program allows working with youth workers from different countries to hear each other, work together and share experience from different countries on one platform”.

An important part of the program was an intercultural evening organized by thirteen countries, during which national dances, cuisine and interesting facts about each partner country were presented.

The participants visited two youth centers in Georgia and got acquainted with their activities.

The next meeting within the framework of the program is envisaged in the Czech Republic where the participants will practically use the knowledge gained during the previous two phases. Department of Public Relations:

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